Skyrocket Your Skyrim Alteration Skill With One Spell


This is a quick and easy method for raising your Skyrim Alteration skill level as high as you want using one simple, easy to acquire magic spell.



To do this you only need one spell and therefore one spell tome: Magelight. Magelight can be obtained from court wizard Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach in Whiterun, The College of Winterhold in Winterhold, and most general goods salesmen or magic vendors. This will also work quicker if you receive the blessing of the Mage Stone before you begin.



First, go and buy the Magelight spell. It isn’t expensive. Once you have the spell tome, learn the spell. Now all you need to do is cast Magelight repeatedly. This is one of the best ways to increase your Alteration skill level. Just keep casting the spell; it doesn’t matter where you are when you cast it. Guards might say to you: “go cast your fancy magic some place else!”, but they won’t take any hostile action against you as Magelight is not an offensive spell.



If your magicka doesn’t regenerate quickly and it becomes tiresome having to keep waiting for it to do so, you can always set your character to wait for one hour, after which your magika will be fully replenished.


If you have any issues and need help, comment below or ask on the forums.


Written By: Luther


10 Responses

  1. derek says:

    thats pretty cool

  2. Sam says:

    Another good way i found is to get the detect life spell and then go to a crowded town( i use whiterun) and just cast it repeatedly. If you want fast regenerating magicka finish the college of whitehold stuff and get the arch mage robes and also obtain the morakai mask. both will increase regeneration by 200%

  3. methos says:

    another way i found was to use the telekinesis spell….for me its more fun than using the magelight spell

    • methos says:

      because you can pull things to yourself an then let them fly….i probably spent around 2 hours throwing things up in the air and bouncing them off my head. a little tip try not to hit any bystanders unless you wanna deal with having to pay off guards or go to jail..

  4. Robert says:

    On a job too kill a giant. While sneaking up to the campsite I saw a mammoth float into the air,turn over and land on the back of another mammoth.To much coffee?Is this a glitch (duh) or a sign I should be doing something at that time?

  5. Dave says:

    A good easy way to get your illusion up is to just run around casting muffle. Get mage stone first and any gear for casting spells

  6. reed demon69 says:

    Easier way super simple if u have dragonborn add on fine black look that allows 30 sec using spells with no mana cost alsp have telekenisis use ability then hold tele. Level all the way. Rubberband the trigger.

  7. Skyrim master says:

    Cast soul trap reapetedly on a dead animal to raise conjuration.

  8. Mohit says:

    Never forget to sleep, well rested gives you 10% bonus in learning all skills

  9. Bosmer says:


    Also, the atherium crown and having the mage stone and lover stones active at the same time would help.

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