Skyrim Main Quest


1) Unbound

You are one of four prisoners being transported on the back of a cart to an Imperial Legion keep. One of the other prisoners is Ulfric Stormcloak, leader of the Nordic rebels who have risen up against the Empire in the civil war that’s sweeping Skyrim.


2) Before The Storm

You’ve just escaped the Imperial keep of Falkreath as it was being destroyed by a huge, black dragon. You are in the wilderness with another survivor who suggests you both make your way to the nearby town of Riverwood.


3) Bleak Falls Barrow

When you go to speak with Jarl Balgruuf in the city of Whiterun, his court wizard, Farengar Secret-Fire, will ask you to help him in his research into the dragon situation by retrieving an artifact from the ancient Nordic ruin known as Bleak Falls Barrow.


4) Dragon Rising

A dragon has been spotted outside of Whiterun. Jarl Balgruuf asks you to go with his Housecarl, Irileth, and some of his other warriors to kill the dragon before it attacks his capital city.


5) The Way of The Voice

Following your discovery that you are “Dragonborn”, you must journey to the temple of High Hrothgar atop the tallest mountain in the world and seek out the order of monks known as the Greybeards, who can teach you about your heritage and the power you possess.


6) The Hall of Jurgen Windcaller

The senior Greybeard monk, Arngeir, has given you a task to do to prove that you are Dragonborn: retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, one of the Nordic heroes of old, from the ancient ruin of Ustengrav.


7) A Blade in The Dark

Someone else has recently plundered the ruin of Ustengrav and taken the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, but for some reason they left in its place a note telling you where they can be found: at The Sleeping Giant Inn in the town of Riverwood. It appears someone wishes to make your acquaintance.


8} Diplomatic Immunity

The woman who lured you to Riverwood is one of the last surviving agents of the order of the Blades. She suspects the Thalmor nation are behind the return of the dragons in Skyrim, and wants you to break into their embassy in western Skyrim and discover what their full plans are.


9) A Cornered Rat

Your search of their embassy has revealed that the Thalmor are searching for another Blade operative currently in hiding; an archivist named Esbern who has information about the return of the dragons. You must get to him before the Thalmor’s agents do.


10) Alduin’s Wall

The Blade archivist Esbern says that the dragons are being revived from the dead by their god and leader, Alduin World Eater, recently returned himself after being defeated by ancient Nords thousands of years ago. His return heralds the end of the world. You must journey to Alduin’s Wall, on which is engraved the record of how he was defeated before, so that you can hopefully use the information to stop him again now.


11) The Throat of The World

You must journey back to the Greybeard’s mountaintop sanctuary and ask them if they can teach you to use the Dragon Shout known as Dragonrend, which the heroes of old used to defeat Alduin thousands of years ago when he last threatened the world.


12) Elder Knowledge

Paarthurnax the dragon, leader of the Greybeards, says the knowledge of the Dragonrend shout has been lost over time, but that if you obtain one of the fabled Elder Scrolls and return with it to the mountaintop, the location of the battle in which Alduin was defeated before, you can peer into the past to observe its use against him and in doing so learn it yourself.


13) Alduin’s Bane

Return with the Elder Scroll to the peak of the Throat of The World and use its power to gaze into the past to witness the ancient Nords use Dragonrend to defeat Alduin. Watch closely because very soon you’ll need the shout; Alduin has found out what you and Paarthurnax are doing and is coming to deal with you himself.


14) Season Unending

The Jarl of Whiterun cannot spare the necessary forces to help you capture a dragon while the civil war still rages in Skyrim and threatens his domains. You will have to arrange a truce between the two sides before he can help you with your plan.


OPTIONAL) Paarthurnax

The Blades operatives Esbern and Delphine have discovered that the dragon Paarthurnax is the current leader of the Greybeards. They say he was an enemy of the Blades thousands of years ago, before Alduin’s first defeat, and they want you to kill him as retribution for his actions during that time.


15) The Fallen

When Alduin retreats after your battle, you need to find out where he has gone if you are to face him again and finish him off for good. One of his dragon kin that he’s revived from the dead would probably know; so you should try to capture and interrogate one.


16) The World Eater’s Eyrie

Having captured the dragon Odahviing and learned from him that Alduin has ventured into the realm of Aetherius to devour enough dead souls to not only recover from your recent battle but become stronger than ever before, you must cross into the next realm yourself and destroy him before he becomes to powerful for you or anyone else to stop.


17) Sovngarde

You have passed through a portal into the realm of the dead. Alduin is nearby devouring souls. Go to the hall of Sovngarde, the eternal resting place for honored dead Nords, and seek out the ancient Nord heroes to join you in battle against Alduin.


18) Dragonslayer

It is time to fulfill your destiny Dragonborn. Lead your allies into battle and destroy the dragon god Aludin World-Eater, freeing the land of Skyrim and the souls of its dead from his evil forever.



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