Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Trouble in Skyrim

Trouble in Skyrim is a randomized, repeatable quest that you get given by Farkas of The Companions. It is one of three possible repeatable quests Farkas will offer players who reach a certain point in their involvement with the Companions faction. The quest seems to be completely randomized each time, but some examples of the things you might be asked to do are listed here:


  • Eliminate the Farlen in a cave northwest of Whiterun
  • Another involves slaying vampires
  • Kill the leader of the Winter War, located North East of Windhelm. When you approach the ship there should be 3-4 bandits inside along with the leader. There is also a chest in the southern part of the ship
  • Finding a lost iron axe in the Lost Echo Cave, west of Solitude.
  • Killing the mage threat at Rannveig’s Fast
  • Kill The Bandit Leader in Valtheim Towers
  • Kill The Forsworn Witch in a cave south of Rorikstead


Return to Farkas once whichever mission you receive has been completed for a reward of 300 gold.


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  1. Kyle Webster says:

    I need help with one of the Companions quests. Its called the Family Heirloom. I need to find this dagger from a cave in the northwest part of the map. Once I am in the cave there is a waterfall that is at the top of the cave. Now it says I need to go up into the water fall but there is just no way up it.

    • candace says:

      I had the same problem but their is a way up their I jumped up their and got the dagger I am a level 52 have fun use your brain don’t get mad you can’t think right

  2. says:

    Hi Kyle,

    I consulted the official guide, but it mentioned nothing about a waterfall in this quest.

    I used Google to trawl all the other Skyrim websites and the Skyrim user forums for all the stuff they had concerning this quest, and I only found one other individual who posted the same problem as yours briefly on a YouTube page, but so far no one has answered him.

    I’m afraid at the moment I don’t have an answer for you. I have however published a walkthrough page for this quest on here, and asked that if anyone did encounter the same problem can they post a solution to it in a comment on there:

    You might like to check back with us in a while if you haven’t found the answer anywhere else. Sorry I could not be of more help to you.

  3. Bob Deacon says:

    Question, on one of the Trouble in Skyrim quests, you have to kill the leader of the Forsaken Cave. I had previously done this when I was exploring before the quest was given to me. It still says I have to do this. I have been back several times and the stupid arrow is still pointing over the dead leaders head.
    I have tried everything including raising the corpse and rekilling it but it still stays the same. can anyone help with this?
    I also have the same problem with giving Pantea’s Flute back to the bard. I have it, but it won’t let me hive it to her. This is silly.

  4. Gene says:

    Im having the exact same problemas Bob Deacon. I have killed curalmil during the quest the white phile and now I can’t goo forward with the companions which sucks cause im this is one of the first missiions

  5. Julius of Skyrim says:

    I have the same problem with the dead leader. The arrow is pointing at a dead body with the objective saying “kill him”. I’ve tried many things but I guess I’ll have to reload an old save.

    This pretty much means doing the fragment of Wuuthrad quest all over again, but that’s better than being stuck.
    I read radiant quests refresh every time you enter Jorrvaskr, so saving before entering the building and reloading if you get the quest might be a workaround this issue. Bethesda should have thought about conflicts between quests. There’s an infinite amount of them, after all.

  6. Alexis says:

    how do i kill the vampire? i keep dying before i can even get in the cave

  7. Maria S says:

    I’m doing the Trouble in Skyrim mission but it says in the lost echo cave, which is where I am, but i cannot do anything further because of this sacrifice chamber thing and It says I cannot do anything or move forward until I get a certain ingredient that I must have to light it, what is it? Because it gives no clue whatsoever! Thanks

    • candace says:

      this is what I did I hired someone -500 sptems then I went back their and when the prson gets their kill him or her then open the pit then use your the relenting show and keep shouting in till you get them in the pit then you have to find one claw but it is in 2 peaces you get them both and you will be able to move on hope this helps good luck

    • candace says:

      here is what to do hire someone -500 septems get them to the pit kill them then open the pit use your relrnting force shout and shout them in the pit try this hope it helps

  8. Abby says:

    um . . .don’t die. lmao

  9. liam mccullough says:

    i dont think anyone has had this problem but at the begining of the game when the dragon rams into the tower on the first quest it wont ram into it and it doesnt break.

    so im stuck there ansd my skyrim game is now boring.

    • pramod says:

      what do you talking about…how did you got stuck…follow quest walkthrough posted in here website…..but truly i dint get you what your problem is..if u could explain in detail i could be of some help

  10. Andrew says:

    I am at a standstill on this game. I am on level 14 and have ugleth the unbroken as my partner. After i recieved the Horn of Whilem in the cave at ob….. every time i try to speak to her she leaves my side and attacks me. If i do not speak to her she does not attack me but will not fight for me. If i do or do not kill her, anywhere or go, if my weapon is shealthed or not, i get attached my numereous people. Ultimately i always die. How do i undue this.

  11. Jackson says:

    Hi, Im not sure im at the right forum thing but for the companions i have to kill the leader at shimmermist cave but i cant get past the Falmor. Whats an easy way to kill them

  12. Iceman3317 says:

    Hello guys. I am suppose to kill a leader in a cave in the southwestern par tof the map just on the other side of the place where you get the dragonstone. But I can’t seem to kill him. It is Trouble in Skyrim and I cannot countinue unless I kill the boss in this cave. Is there any suggestions on how to kill him. Every guide I look at does not mention the best way to kill him. Or if they mention him at all.

  13. Jonezie says:

    I cant seem to beat the two falmer in the echo cave before the bugs and killing the leader. any help??

  14. jon says:

    im trying to eliminate the silver hand leader at vithiem tower but he aint there whats the deal is it a glitch or sumthing

  15. Kat says:

    Hey, I don’t know whether or not this helps, but with the issue of having already killed the leader for another quest, could you use the cheat “Revive” after clicking on the ` button on the keyboard and selecting the dead guy with your mouse. That should revive him and you’ll have to kill him again.
    I still don’t know if it will solve your problem though.

  16. Kat says:

    **Cheat code: Resurrect

  17. Caleb says:

    Hey I really stuck on how to get inside dimhollow crypt to find the leader I need to kill so far I’m in side the crypt but there is a passageway but it it blocked by rocks I just need to figure out how to get inside so I can kill the person thanks

    • Bigsexy29 says:

      I dont know if you did it already. but do the dawnguard first mission the “awakening” and at the of the crypt you’ll face off against the dauger death lord and completed both mission at the same time.

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