Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Totems of Hircine


Aela the Huntress sends you to retrieve a totem of Hircine that grants werewolves additional powers. You can only trigger this quest if you are still a Werewolf. If you have purified yourself, you are unable to do this quest. This quest can be issued and completed three times as there are three different totems for you to collect.


Journey to the location given by Aela and kill the enemies lurking around. The totem is most often found in a chest or on a piece of furniture in the furthest room from the entrance. When you have the totem, return to the Underforge and use one of the totem receptacles to complete the quest and recieve your reward.


There are three totems of Hircine that can be collected; praying to each one gives you a unique ability that can be activated while you are in werewolf form:

  • Totem of Fear: causes Fear
  • Totem of Brotherhood: summons 2 Wolf Spirits
  • Totem of The Hunt: grants Detect Life


3 Responses

  1. dangar says:

    can you have all 3 effects of the totem on at once or just one at a time?

  2. dangar says:

    can u have all 3 effects of the totems on at once or just one at a time?

  3. Spam says:

    When you go to get the 2nd totum…what is the order of the levers to open that stupid doorway? If you get it wrong too many times it locks the levers and I can’t get through.

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