Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: The Throat of The World


You must journey back to see the Greybeards on High Hrothgar to inquire about the Dragonrend shout that the old Blade, Esbern, says might be the only way to defeat Alduin the dragon, as the ancient Nords used it to do so thousands of years ago when he last threatened Skyrim.


You arrive at the mountain temple and speak to Arngeir about Dragonrend and other things. At first he is reluctant to have anything to do with your efforts to learn Dragonrend, especially after learning that you’re now working with the Blades, but when a thunderous roar in the language of the dragons, like the one that first summoned you to High Hrothgar after you killed the dragon near Whiterun, eminates from somewhere outside the temple, Arngeir relents and says that Paarthurnax, the leader of the Greybeards, has requested to meet with you at his dwelling place at the very top of the mountain.


He takes you outside to some steps leading up to a stone archway, beyond which lies the path to the top of the mountain. But the path to the top is hazardous with frozen ice storms, so in order to make your way up there, he first teaches you a Clear Skies shout. Use this new shout to dispel the ice storm effect from underneath the archway and proceed up the mountain, continuing to use the shout to dispel the hazardous frozen storm effects you encounter as you go.


You arrive at the Throat of the World to find that Paarthurnax, leader of the Greybeard order, is a dragon. He’ll explain that it is a custom among dragons to show each other their Thu’um before initiating a conversation, and that the elder should speak first. He’ll then release a gout of flame onto a wall, and by inspecting the words it left behind you can learn the shout he just used. Now use this new shout on Paarthurnax. On feeling your Thu’um he will agree with the opinions voiced by the Greybeards that your voice is quite strong and offer to answer any questions you have.


Unfortunately, Paarthurnax doesn’t know Dragonrend either. In fact, he thinks the only way to learn the Shout would be to venture into the timewound that exists here on the mountain, travelling back in time thousands of years to meet the first humans that Paarthurnax taught to use dragon shouts, who eventually created Dragonrend and used it to defeat Alduin.


The conversation then turns to how you might exploit the timewound and take yourself back in time. We now learn some interesting lore about the Elder Scrolls themselves, but the basic idea is that if you can acquire an Elder Scroll and bring it back to Paarthurnax, he can cast you back in time to Alduin’s first defeat.


Unfortunately Paarthurnax has no idea where to find an Elder Scroll. He suggests you talk to Arngeir the Greybeard or Esbern the Blade for advice.


11 Responses

  1. jon cianci says:

    Paarthurnax doesn’t say anything to me. as soon as I approach him at the throat of the world he attacks me. after I defeat him he sits still for awhile but I can’t activate him to talk or anything. Then he gets his health back and starts flying around and attacking me again. this goes on and on but he never says anything or fully dies…????

    any ideas?

  2. Mel says:

    I am going to assume that you missed a quest before this one..

  3. Matt says:

    And what quest might we have missed?? Stupid Dragon is bugged!!

  4. Matt says:

    LOL the resolution is to go back n do the conversation over again… well that’s what i did n i dont need to fight him. Jus talk alot! :D

  5. Petim says:

    I learned the Clear Skys shout and I can use it but I can’t go past the gate at High Hrothgar. I get Electric damage as if the gate is still guarded. I have already gone back to the start of the previous quest with Esborn and Delphine and worked my way back here and still same thing. I can’t get past the gate. Any ideas?

    • Luther says:

      I believe it is possible to climb to the top without using the shout by using the mountain climbing jump method. Use google to find a path.

  6. roham says:

    damn…my problem is the quest mark shows somewere up in the sky
    i relly don’t know how to finish this crazy game
    i thing i shoud play call of duty again
    but if u guys got some way to make it plz tell me

  7. leviroc69 says:

    but realy i have the same problem with alot of people and cretures in this game jon cianci…. they ether dont want to move or deside to stare blankly at me and then try to rip m thoat out with a iron dagger or a wood cuters axe

  8. 123456789 says:

    finished everything with paarthurnaax, went to talk to arngier, and now all the greybeards want to kill me. also now everybody in the game wants to kill me, why? why? why?

  9. Morikitsune says:

    Try seeing if you have a bounty. If so, go get rid of it and try again- if that doesn’t work, I’d say you need to reload a past save point.

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