Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: The Break Of Dawn


This walkthrough will show you how to the complete the quest: The Break of Dawn and obtain the legendary Dawnbreaker sword, one of the best swords in the game, from the Daedra Lord Meridia.


Firstly you will need to find the statue of Meridia where you can start the quest. The statue can be found on Mount Kilkreath. To reach it, head down the west road from Solitude and watch for a side road to the north. The statue is roughly south of Wolfskull cave. When you arrive, the voice of Meridia herself will ask you to retrieve what she calls her “beacon”, which she promises to lead you to. Here is a step by step guide to completing this quest and obtaining the Dawnbreaker.


Step 1)

Head to the location of the beacon; its location is random so make sure the quest is enabled in your journal and follow the marker on your map. Once you have the beacon return to the statue of Meridia.


Step 2)

When you return to the statue place the beacon on the pedestal in front of the statue and Meridia will lift you up into the sky and speak to you again in the form of a ball of light. She will ask you to cleanse her temple of the undead and destroy a Necromancer named Malkoran who has managed to force entry and now resides inside, and says that you will need to direct her light through the temple.


Step 3)

She will now lower you to the statue and you will be able to enter the temple itself. The door is at the bottom of the shrine/statue. Once you have entered you will notice the light beam stops at certain points in the building. You must fight your way to each pedestal and activate it to make the light continue on its way to the end. You will come across Corrupted Shades on your way through the temple.


Step 4)

Now you need to fight your way through the temple whilst guiding the light. On the way you will find multiple chests and bodies to loot. Eventually you will come to the end of the temple and encounter Malkoran the necromancer. After killing him he will come back in a ghost form and you will have to kill him again. After killing him twice you are free to loot the bodies and chests around the area. Once you are done take the Dawnbreaker sword and exit the temple.


When you exit the temple, Meridia will praise you for your success and let you keep Dawnbreaker so that you can cleanse Skyrim of evil in her name.


Dawnbreaker is a very powerful sword that is even more powerful against the undead. As well as dealing fire damage, it has a chance to create a fiery explosion when used against undead entities. Any undead caught within the blast radius are set on fire and will flee from the player. Undead killed by the explosion’s fire will disintegrate upon death leaving behind an Ash Pile instead of a corpse.


Thanks for reading! If you need any help please feel free to comment below or post in the forums and I will help you out as soon as possible!


Written by: Luther


32 Responses

  1. Gav says:

    I’m stuck in the room with the cages in the second floor in break of Dawn. The remaining doors requires. Do you know where I can get them?

  2. carlos says:

    how do you activate the pillars for this quest

  3. Jack says:

    Shes not even talking to me do u have to be a precise level for this quest ?

  4. Ken says:

    I am in the final room, how do I kill Malkoran?

    • Luther says:

      Avoid his frost attacks and it’s easy, ignore the skeletons as they will keep coming back.

      • Russ Nutter says:

        I have beaten him to the ground but I can’t seem to kill him ,I have tried shooting him with poison arrows slashing himwith dual swords but he just gets up and kills me (if those shades don’t beat him to it)It’s driving me mental

  5. Phil says:

    after killing Malkoran twice, I get dawnbreaker then I’m up in the sky talked to by Meridia, then she lowers me back down and I’m dead… everytime… wtf??

    • Luther says:

      I believe this is a known glitch, you will be able to find help if you google your problem. I don’t know a specific solutions, expect if you are on pc, if your on pc you can use console commands to lower yourself safely.

  6. Aerion of truefeather says:

    Hi the above instructions was spot on, and its one of the easy quests, but i thought i would point out that i took my housecarle with me who as been by my side most of the game and has helped me out on quite a few occations, but once your through the doors before fighting Malkaron she runs ahead and gets in the way and killed quickly, so i started that point again told her to wait, and delt with Malkaron my self, then told her to follow me she did i collected all the gold from the corpses which is a tidy sum indeed, i then picked up the dawnbreaker sword and your then taken up to sky then given the sword to use in her name you descend down and thats it but my companion is not there she is stuck inside the tomb and you cant get her out unless you have a key to the doors that close behind you when you fight Malkaron, so i did it all again on my own leaving my housecarle outside, and she was there when i finnished quest, hope this helps, cheers :>)

    • Tim says:

      I had the same problem with my companion being stuck inside the tomb. I tried a fast travel to the stable at the farm down the mountain, and she was waiting for me when I got there. I hope this helps.

  7. Craig says:

    Where do I get the key to open the last room, it says it requires a key but I can’t find it! It’s probably right under my nose!!

  8. Hunter says:

    Sometimes the beacon is in a place called kagrenzel,do u know how to get there?

  9. chase says:

    How do get the beacon? I am stuck where there is three pedestals, eagle, fish,snake; which goes first? What do I do?

    • Russ Nutter says:

      to open the port cullis doorway -there are two symbols on the wall and a gap in the middle ,this is the onethat is on the floor ,just match them up (I was stuck on this for days before it was pointed out to me) second one I came across opens a gated hole in the ground ,these symbols are in the rubble at the foot of each stone

  10. Jon Young says:

    Done the level, killed and looted everything but I cannot find the Dawnbreaker Artifact? Any help to where this is would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Deltar says:

    I made a level 6 alt and went to the shrine to start the quest but nothing happens when to walk up the steps to the shrine. Does anyone know the prerequisites for this quest? what level is needed or what quest needs to be done before this one can be picked up?

    • Russ Nutter says:

      You need to find the beacon, it should be in a chest in the cave at kagrenzal and bring that to Meridia’s statue,place the beacon on the plinth ,and this will start the mission

  12. Zman says:

    I am the correct level (way above 12), found the beacon, activated the statue, spoke to meridia, and now when I go to the doors of the temple, they’re locked, unpickable, and I don’t have a key. Help!

  13. Simmo 83 says:

    I was having massive problems with this guy, must have died 10 times as a level 19 imperial. His frost spell nailed me pretty much every time! I stumbled upon the way to kill him in the end.

    I didn’t have any followers to distract him or the shades so sneaked into the room and hit him with a couple of arrows the retreated to the door. When the shades came after me I hit them with fire breath then hid behind the doorway and killed any stragglers as they came through. I then closed the door so his frost spell couldn’t hit me. I then stood in front of the door and equipped the blizzard scroll I forgot I had, charged it up the opened the door and fired, it completely drained malkaron and his regenerated shade in one hit while I hid behind the door!

    Bit of a wussy way to do it but he had battered me that many times I couldn’t give a monkeys!

  14. Jackson says:

    I can’t open the temple! Whenever I get close to the door, the arrow to the door disappears and It says the door requires a key! I have no idea what to do!

  15. Tom says:

    I’ve gotten the sword and I’m now in the sky but there is no merdia and I’m stuck in the clouds! My prior save’s from level 48 to level 20 are gone.


  16. matt says:

    i cant seem to kill this guy no matter what i do can anyone help

  17. Richard says:

    How do i find the key for the last door ???

  18. Imogen says:

    I used a blizzard scroll, finished off the shades then went into beast form and just tossed him around until he finally died

  19. Scott says:

    I beat the guy grabbed the bonebreaker and I am now in the sky and nothing is happening what do I do?

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