Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Stealing Plans


Aela the Huntress wishes you to infiltrate an encampment of the Silver Hand and recover documents containing details of their plans and the location of their headquarters in Skyrim.


Follow the marker on your map to get to the encampment and fight or sneak your way through to the end. The plans you’re looking for can be found inside a trapped chest. Return to Aela with the plans.


3 Responses

  1. Bigmurf86 says:

    This is a glitched quest for me. The cave refuses to load up! Tried serval times waiting a good few minutes, does anyone know of another way to get the silver hand info?

    PS3 – and there goes my platinum!!


    • Epic Austin says:

      Sorry to tell you this but your quest is bugged. I don’t know of this is fixable but im alost positive its not. This happened to me when i was fighting Aldrun and the other dragon froze and i couldn’t talk to him afterwards just try to find a solution if not reload a game before you started the quest.

  2. lun says:

    hi , i can find the plans in the chest even i had clear out the people inside , is it because i am not a werewolf any more ?

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