Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Sovngarde


You have crossed the threshold between the land of the living and the realm of the dead; the realm of Aetherius. Alduin is lurking nearby devouring souls trying to make their way to the afterlife. It won’t be long now before you face him one final time…


Follow the pathway down (north) into the valley of mists – the Shadowed Vale. The mists, created by Alduin, begin to thicken, impeding your path and vision. Use the Clear Skies shout to clear the mist away for a few moments, and behold the winding pathway through the valley the leads to halls of Sovngarde.


You will soon encounter a Stormcloak solider, lost and terrified, recently killed in battle and now desperately trying to reach the afterlife, but terrified of Alduin, who is capturing and consuming the souls of any newly deceased who get lost in the mists. After telling you the tale of his own demise, the solider pleads with you to help him reach Shor’s Hall, where the heroes of old await their eternity in safety from Alduin’s hunt. Does it occur to you that this hall with its crowd of ancient heroes might be a good place to enlist some aid for the coming battle with Alduin?


Move forward, clearing the skies as necessary with your Clear Skies shout, until you come to a split in the path the runs around both sides of a central rock outcrop. You can climb the steps cut into the outcrop. From here you can see the entrance to the Hall of Valor; a huge whale skeleton that bridges a bottomless chasm. You can also see Alduin in the distance, he’s busy swooping about devouring souls lost in the fog.


Descend back to the path below and continue on your way to the halls of Sovngarde. You will encounter other departed souls also trying to make their way to eternal rest, possibly including some who you sent to the realm of the dead during your adventures in Skyrim. Along the left hand path, you will also meet High King Torygg, whose death at the hands of Ulfric Stormcloak plunged Skyrim into civil war.


As you emerge from the Shadowed Vale and approach the whale skeleton bridge, you will be greeted by a mighty figure naked Tsun, a warrior of ancient times who is revered by Nords as the greatest warrior who ever lived. Approach him and he’ll ask to know what brings you to Sovngarde. He’ll say that he judges those fit to join the fellowship of honor inside the Hall of Valor. Inform him that you seek to enter the hall and that you have a right of birth; you are Dragonborn.


Tsun will either greet you with a series of verses of warrior poetry, or give you a separate response if you’ve achieved any or all of the following:

  • Become chief of the Companions
  • Become the head of the College of Winterhold
  • Become leader of the Dark Brotherhood
  • Become the boss of the Thieves Guild


Tsun agrees to let you enter Sovngarde, after you pass the warrior’s test. He unsheathes his battle-ax and attacks you. Tsun is strong, unsurprisingly, but this shouldn’t be too difficult. If you find yourself struggling, remember that you can use any of the Dragon Shouts you’ve learned in addition to melee and magic attacks. Once you wound him enough, he’ll stop attacking you and step aside, allowing you to cross the whale skeleton bridge and enter Sovngarde.


You approach the giant doors to the Hall of Valor. Push one open and go inside. This hall is a place of merriment, where heroes from Skyrim’s recent and distant past feast and drink together, awaiting Shor’s summons to the last battle. You are greeted by the ancient warrior who adapted Nordic writing from the Elves, Ysgramor. Apparently word of your mission here has gotten around, as this revered ancestor of the Companions tells you that there are three warriors in this place who are standing ready to aid you in the coming battle with Alduin. These three warriors are none other than Gormlaith the Fearless, Hakon the Valiant and Felldir the Old, the same warriors that you saw face Alduin thousands of years ago in your Elder Scroll vision of the past.


Wander around here for a bit and talk to the other honored dead if you like. People of interest include Jurgen Windcaller, the founder of the Way of the Voice, who is honored by the Greybeards, and Olaf One-Eye, the first era king who orchestrated the capture of the mighty dragon Numinex in Dragonsreach stronghold.


When you’re done, locate the three Nordic heroes who defeated Alduin thousands of years ago and begin planning your attack on the dragon god. They agree that Alduin’s mist is more than a snare for wandering souls, it is his shield and cloak in battle, and it will have to be removed before you can engage him. Your combined four voices should be sufficiently powerful to dispel the mist, and after that, you all still have the power of Dragonrend, along with all your other weapons and magic. The four of you are ready to get underway.


12 Responses

  1. carlos says:

    Can’t get past tsun any weakness? Or something I could use

  2. Liz says:

    I’ve lowered the difficulty, tried the shouts and still can’t get passed him. It may not be meant to be a hard fight but its damned impossible. So, I’m stuck and about to give up on the game.

    • dave says:

      you should try using staff of sparks it took me 4ever without that wapon

      • Rizky says:

        you should have level up till level 25 or more, improve smithing and make daedric armor set with the daedric weapons (because they’re the strongest)

  3. gianni says:

    I Used Storm Call! It Was So Easy

  4. Savanna says:

    I used the Beast Form and he went down quickly. That was the only way i could defeat him seeing that im only level 19 right now.

  5. Dad says:

    I went beastform and all my trubles faded away

  6. Chase says:

    I jumped off the bridge platform and used magic and shouts to take him down

  7. Lilly V says:

    Um hey yeah I dont know what shout to use to start it… I have used every shout and it wont work… When they say to combind their shouts together, I do it and they still say it… Any help?

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