Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Revealing the Unseen


The Arch Mage will mention that Mirabelle was talking about the Staff of Magnus not too long ago. Go and ask her what she knows about the artefact and its whereabouts.


She will direct you to the ancient Dwarven ruin known as Mzulft, as representatives of a group called the Synod, a faction of mages based in Cyrodiil, recently approached her in a secretive manner and enquired about the place.


When you arrive at Mzulft, you will immediately encounter one of the members of the Synod lying badly injured on the floor. Listen to the individual explain how the Falmer attacked and took an object called the “Focusing Crystal”. He then succumbs to his injuries and dies. Take a key from his body.


You will have to go through a fairly large Dwemer Dungeon. It contains a lot of loot and lots of Dwemer items. You will also encounter the Falmer, Chaurus and some dwemer automatons. You will eventually reach the Aedrome, where you’ll meet a levelled boss who has the Focusing Crystal in his possession. Defeat him and loot the Crystal. You’ll then find a locked door that requires a key.


Turn back and follow a little further into the ruins, and you’ll soon come to a room with the bodies of dead Falmer scattered across the floor and a levelled Dwemer Centurion who stands on guard ready to take care of the next intruder. Destroy the automaton and loot the Key to Oculory from the chest in the room.


With the key in hand, head back and open the closed door. In the space beyond will be another closed door. Move toward it and you’ll hear a voice coming from the other side. It belongs to Paratus Decimius, another Synod mage, who will assume that you’re Gavros (the dying man you spoke to earlier) and open the door for you. Talk with him and explain what you’re doing there. He’ll then give you some information about his mission in Mzulft. Finally, tell him that you’ve recovered the Focusing Crystal. Upon hearing this he’ll lead you deeper into the Oculory.


You will reach a room with huge spherical device in it; follow Paratus to the top, and he will tell you to place the Crystal in the device and after you do that, to attune the crystal using fire and frost spells. You are ready when the beams coming from the crystal are pointing into the middle of each of three rings on the celling. You have to use the spells Frostbite and Flames to do what you need; any other fire or frost spells will not produce the required results. The room with the Oculory contains copies of each of those two spells if you don’t already know them.


You now have to use the buttons on a pedestal above the sphere to fit the rings, so the light beams will point directly to the mirrors on the rings. When you’re done, Parathus will comment that this is not what he was expecting; go down and see what he’s talking about.


On a wall under the pedestal, a map of Tamriel (mostly just the northern provinces and Cyrodiil) is now being displayed. Parathus will tell you that the Synod were searching for a way to scan the continent in order to find powerful sources of magic, but that the map is currently being disturbed by two major magical sources, one in the College of Winterhold (it’s the Eye of Magnus, but you don’t have to tell him that if you don’t want to) and another in the Labyrinthian. Parathus will presume that those ancient ruins is where the Staff of Magnus is. You can go back to Winterhold now.


As you enter the Hall of the Elements, you’ll see Savos and Mirabelle looking at a strange magical barrier that is blocking your way to the chamber with the Eye of Magnus in it. It seems that this barrier has been erected by Ancano, who’s doing something with the Eye of Magnus. Mirabelle will start casting a Destruction spell on it, and Savos will ask you to do the same along with himself.


When the ward is dispelled, go with them inside the Hall. You’ll see Ancano casting a spell on the Eye. As Savos approaches him, he’ll recast the barrier around him without stopping to speak to any of you, and you and the others will be blown away by the force of it.


Soon you’ll regain clarity of your vision, and you’ll see Mirabelle sitting nearby, breathing heavily. After asking if you’re okay, she’ll ask you to search for the Archmage. This quest ends here.


29 Responses

  1. Sharky says:

    how should i turn that rings? i tried almost every positions and it didnt works…pls help

    • adude says:

      Use the frostbite and flames spells on the crystal to change the direction of the lights.

    • Funky says:

      I found it easier to use your two spells on the crystal until the three beams are centered in each band then go up and turn each band until the mirrors line up with the beams. It took me a bit to get the beams right but after they were centered it was easy to adjust the bands. I hope this helps you.

      • ann elizondo says:

        I still can’t do it

        • Sorrel says:

          By the switches to move the mirrors there will be a table on it will be be spell tomes flames and frostbite (if you don’t have them yet) go to where you put the crystal and use both spells on it after a while go back to the switches and match them up with the light beams and then the guy will yell at you after that go out the door in the hall you will meet this person who will disappear, go to the college of winterhold after then use a shout on the sheild in the hall of elements to get through. I used fire breath shout but as long as it is destructive it should work. After do the steps on this

    • patp says:

      get the beams to the center of eac ring. then go to the buttons(top of room) press each button till it goes put(this sets the rings on the ceiling) when all buttons are dark map should appear on wall beneath you. talk to panathan.

  2. Johan says:

    There seems to be a glitch as this quest does not show the 3 beams on my new PC as ive seen in the video clips, any sugestions as to remedy this? I’ve tried setting my 3d card (nvidea gforce GT 240) with no luck..i have 2 gigs RAM.

  3. HJB says:

    I got the same problem, can not see the 3 beams/light.??

  4. Johan says:

    thats the problem …i have already activated it, my blue ball rotated to the top, i can see it on top now, however, the 3 beams of light did not appear. Ive manipulated the 3 circles to co-incide with the video clips exact positions on the roof but to no joy.
    Is there a way to restart this 1 leg of the quest, or to auto complete it?

    • Luther says:

      Press the button in the middle of the buttons console, make sure the lexicon is also in it’s stand to the right.

  5. David says:

    I hope someone can help On the quest Revealing the Unseen i cant find a key for the Oculory After watching someone do it on youtube i now know that the guy behind the door is supposed to open it thinking your someone else, Except before he got a chance i shot a fire ball at the door when i heard him first say something so now he is in fight mode and wont open the door for me. At the time i didnt know why i couldnt go in so i just left the mission and have since played an additional 60 hrs so i really realy dont want to start over. So if anyone knows of a key somewhere for the Oculory in Mzulft for the Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim please help Thanks

  6. alex says:

    I try to “equip” myself with flames and frostbite, but it wont work, because it’s “equipped” with a fire rune. I can’t seem to get it to work right. Is there a command code i can use or something? I’ve already finished the main quest, I am not starting all over again.

  7. ssrider says:

    i can`t locate the boss with the crystal, is there a way to trigger him in the dome?

  8. dovakin says:

    there was no automoton centurion there and i am stuck with loads of falmer

  9. Hakim says:

    i have used the flames and frostbite spells like a million times and pressed those buttons but i still did not get the required results. any help?

  10. Liz says:

    As a walk through leaves a great deal to be desired.

  11. Scott says:

    Although the walkthrough is well written, it could do with more detail in paragraphs 4 & 5. I can’t find the key to the Oculory. The big room in the Aerodrome with door to left which needs key, ‘lockpickable’ door in front & door to left which descends down steps…I don’t know where to go from there.

  12. Rawrawrawrarwarwrawrarwrarw says:

    I AM SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rawrawrawrarwarwrawrarwrarw says:


  14. Hillbilly says:

    The synod lying injured on the floor will not start any dialog and will not give up the key. I cant pick his pocket , kill him to loot him ect. ect…..Can anyone help?

  15. Highpot says:

    The key is in a chest ,its a wierd chest on a wall in a room not to far from there !

  16. David says:

    The guy at the front door wouldn’t die so I can’t get the key, which of course is keeping me from completing the Eye of Magnus quest line. This seems to be the normal complaint during this quest and after talking to Bethesda several times and trying all the other fixes (wait 30 days in a row, clear the hard drive cache and the game cache) the solution they finally reached was “oh well, guess you will have to just start over”. The really screwed up part was when they tried to blame this on the hardware (Xbox). This is a software issue, not the hardware. The xbox only does what the program tells it to do. And as this game is buggier then a 100 year old dead guy, they have a lot of nerve trying to blame xbox. I was also informed the programmers have moved onto other projects and no further patches will be coming for Skyrim.

    As a consumer I will make sure to not support Bethesda in the future. I urge anyone else who has been forced to waste their time going back and losing any progress they made to do the same.

  17. keedan says:

    I tried shooting the crystal with the frost and fire spell and changed the rings,but nothing,when I helped my brother on hos Xbox profile his passed immediatly buy when I change to my profile and try the same thing nothing works,is it a glitch,how can I get passed it without restarting

  18. ZEDWAR says:

    I discovered that when you use other frost or fire spells, it will only give you 2 variety of position compared of using the flames and frostbite spells which are recommended at this point… it will have 4 variety of positions of beam when u use them… in that case, thats’s the time you will adjust the mirrors…

  19. Brian says:

    i get to the synod on the floor he don’t tell me any thang but how can i help you

  20. Danny says:

    I’m back at. The college and instead of Avos and mirabelle attacking the barrier they are attacking me!!!! Why! Lol

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