Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Liberation of Skyrim


This is a continuous quest that links to seven other quests. It follows the Stormcloak rebel’s struggle to drive the Imperial Legion from Skyrim and restore peace and freedom to their homeland.


Find Ulfric Stormcloak at his usual location in Windhelm and make your report to him of the successful capture of the city of Whiterun. He has a new name for you: Ice-Vains, because the thick blood of the land of Skyrim has seeped into your heart. He also gives you an Imperial officer’s sword. Ask him what the next move is and he’ll tell you to head to the hidden rebel camp in Falkreath Hold. Galmar Stone-Fist is there, and he has work for you.


When the next seven quests you will undertake have all been completed, this quest will end, the civil war will be over and the Stormcloaks will have liberated Skyrim.


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  1. Barry says:

    Galmar just says the same things over and over; no job offered.

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