Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Family Heirloom


Speak with either Skjor or Vilkas, and they tell you they have work that requires locating a valuable family heirloom that was lost to a high-ranking family in influential group friendly with The Companions. You are to go to where the heirloom is said to be hidden in Skyrim and bring it back to them. This is a randomized quest, meaning that the heirloom will usually be in different locations around the world when different players receive this quest.


Travel to whatever random location is indicated by the quest marker on your in-game map. There will usually be some hostiles blocking your path on both the outside and inside of the place in question, which will usually be a castle, keep or dungeon of some sort. Fight or sneak past them at your discretion. Your map marker will guide you to where the item is hidden; it will usually be in a chest somewhere. Now just take the heirloom back to the quest giver.


NOTE: a user posted a comment on another quest page on this site that stating that “once I am in the cave there is a waterfall that is at the top of the cave. Now it says I need to go up into the water fall but there is just no way up it”. The official game guide mentions nothing about this, and at the time of publishing this page no one else has described a solution to this on any of the other websites or user forums that I can find. If someone can offer any help with this waterfall problem, it would be much appreciated if you could leave a comment below with the solution. Thanks.


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  1. Hashpoo says:

    The only thing difficult about this quest was that after you kill the ragraven, getting through the what appears to be unopenable door..could be tricky. But after hard core searching I noticed a pressure plate much like the rest of them in the ruins on the table of all places. You can put something on it or stand up on top and use your force shout to trigger it.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I have the heirloom and all but I cant find Skjor to return it. Any ideas?

  3. slilth says:

    go up to the temple east of stony creek “you got to find your own way cause i hugged the wall geting there.” you will enter a room and a light will appear with bodies around it. touch the light and it will spin around after the cage pops up… it will then drop u and u can control you fall down into a pool of water… follow it to the end and the marked box should be next to the creek… tho i haven’t found the item in it.

  4. Feline says:

    I had the same problem with the waterfall, just couldnt get up there. There is another way to get in. SSE from Stony Creek Cave is Ansilvund. Go between the rocks NNE ther is a path you can wald up to Kagrenzel, the entrance is in the back (mountainside) of the building. Just as you come in there is kind of a platform, activate. You will be locked in and fall way down in the water. Find the path from the water that leads upward. Just keep following the path up then across kind of a bridge and as soon as you cross that, there is the chest on the right with the bow in it. If you keep going you will come out on top of the waterfall in Stony Creek Cave. Hope this helped.

  5. Ritz says:

    I ended up with mine at bloodlet throne and I get stuck in the room. there’s two vampires on a ledge above me, three wolves 2 behind one set of bars and one behind another set. there’s also a set of bars blocking the ramp up to where the vampires are. Up there I can see a lever that I assume opens the bars. but I can’t get the vampire to flip it, I end up with him jumping down off the ledge without flipping the lever and I can’t get up there too. he tells me to back off so I left once and the three wolves chased me but when I came back the bars were still closed. any ideas??

  6. Dreamydark says:

    I have the Family Heirloom quest in Shriekwind Bastion where im supposed to try and find an elven mace, but I had visited the place already and whenever I try to go inside the place, my game crashes after trying to load the area. I have found no way to reset Shriekwind Bastion or the quest itself online and I have no idea what to do. can someone help?

  7. jason says:

    Where can i find the companions. Im not going all around skyrim to find one of the two itll take forever

  8. Austin says:

    Mine is in Lost Echo Cave, but I have no objective marker (I have never had one for this quest), even if I press show objective on map, nothing happens, the map doesn’t even open. I have cleared the cave but the thing I’m supposed to find is not there. I have opened up a map online and have confirmed that I have indeed looked in every chest and searched every body in the cave. Does anyone have any ideas?

  9. Sten says:

    I’m supposed to go to Gallows Rock, cleared it once before and now I can’t get in, every time I try my Xbox freezes up. The rest of the game is fine, it’s just that one door, I can’t count how many times I tried, anyone else have this problem or a solution?

  10. kieron says:

    wtf where do u hav 2 go 4 stony creek cuz i cant get up the waterfall!

  11. Ryan says:

    How did you get the mace? In the Lost Echo Cave?

  12. Daniel says:

    i have to get this f@#king chest unlocked, surrounded by trolls, and i keep busting all my lockpicks… can anyone f#%king give me a hand?

  13. Frisbee208 says:

    This quest sent me to Bleakwind Basin, once I got there I defeated the 2 Giants and the marker was on a chest. The chest is expert skill level and the Giants didn’t drop a key. So how or what do I do next? I REALLY need some help. Unfinished quest bug me. Thanks

  14. yutchukey says:

    my quest is to find the dwarvan battle axe but how do you get inside it ses the door is barreld from the side but theres no more entrances I nedd help!

  15. sam says:

    My quest is to find dwarven battle axe in an abandond cave but theres only one entrance and its barreld from the other side I need help quik thx!

  16. Balen says:

    It sent me to find the Warhammer from Harmugstakl. I took a wrong turn and fell off the ledge, now when I go back to the gate with 4 levers, 1 set of bars are closed again and can’t get it to open again. Anyone have any help to offer????

  17. Je says:

    I have to go to the sightless pit to retrieve the orcish bow but when I get to the entrance it says door barred from other side. plz help

  18. kayla says:

    i slected the quest so it wold tell me where to go and it sent me to the gate that leads to Skyrim? help plz!!

  19. jordan says:

    I got the Family Heirloom quest as well, but mine is in Boulderfall Cave. I am supposed to find a battle axe but it is nowhere to be found. can u help?

  20. Tas says:

    With the waterfall, you can also jump up it with some continuous trying.

  21. Kaitlin says:

    For mine, it tells me to get the Steel Greatsword from Broken Fang Cave. So I go there and clear out everything, but I can’t find the sword anywhere! I don’t know where else to go to find this sword. Is this a glitch?

  22. Brett says:

    Use the werewolf power and jump onto the barrels and up to the waterfall.

  23. Emma says:

    Mine is to retrieve an orcish dagger from druadach redoubt….only problem is I’ve been round and through it several times and no dagger. Then the “show on map” option sends me half way to harmugstahl.

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