Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Diplomatic Immunity


Delphine believes the Thalmor are behind the current situation with the dragons in Skyrim, and she’s devised a plan to find proof of their involvement and discover what their plans are. She needs you to infiltrate the Thalmor’s embassy in Skyrim, located in the city of Solitude, and search for any documents containing useful information.


Delphine has procured for you an invitation to a party taking place at the embassy. You won’t be able to enter the embassy as an armed warrior; you’ll have to go in unarmed and well dressed. You will however be able to smuggle in any weapons and other equipment that you think you’ll need once you’re inside and away from the party.


Delphine has a contact at the embassy; a Wood Elf named Melborn. Travel to Solitude and meet him at The Winging Skeever, making sure to bring with you all of the equipment you want smuggled into the embassy to give to him. What you should have smuggled in will depend on whether you plan to use brute force or more stealthy tactics to get past security in the restricted areas of the embassy.


Following the meeting with Malborn, rendezvous with Delphine at the stables outside the city. She will give you some suitable clothes to wear to the embassy party. When you tell her you’re ready to go, Delphine will take all of the items in your inventory to hold until you return, and you will automatically board a carriage to the embassy.


Once you arrive outside the embassy, show the guard the invitation you were given by Delphine and head inside to be greeted by a Thalmor emissary named Elenwen. You can take as much time as you want to converse with the party guests before you proceed to the next stage of the mission. Depending on your travels and exploits to date, you may recognize several of them from elsewhere in Skyrim, and their dialogue will match accordingly. In order to slip away from the party you will need to create a distraction to divert the attention of the guards in the room. There are four ways you can do this:

1) Order a drink from either Brelas or Malborn, and offer it to the drunkard seated on a bench to the left of the entrance.

2) Talk to Erikur. Afterwards he will hit on Brelas. Offer to talk to her for Erikur, and then do so. Go back to Erikur, and either response will cause him to make a scene, with Brelas carted away to the dungeons.

3) If you have met Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone of Morthal, and completed her quest, she will offer to be a distraction, and start a verbal argument with the man sitting on the bench, allowing you to move on.

4) Ask Ondolemar to cause a distraction with the man sitting on the bench (this option might only be available if you have met with him previously in the Understone Keep in Markarth).


The instant no one’s looking, go behind the bar and follow Malborn through the door. He will lead you to a chest containing the belongings you gave to him to smuggle in. When you’re ready, leave the room through the next door that Malborn opens, which he will lock behind you once you’re through.


You must now locate and retrieve any documents with information on dragons. You can approach this using stealth and without anyone knowing you’re there, or you can just kill anyone who stands in your way.


Proceed through the door on the left – you can either wait until the soldiers finish their conversation and move away, or kill them. Once inside, ascend the staircase. A Thalmor Wizard will be standing guard ahead, facing the wall. Sneak behind him or kill him. Head left down the hallway, and left again to find a door leading outside. There are several guards patrolling outside who can be evaded easily enough, but a wizard stands guard at the door to Elenwen’s solar and will not move away without a reason. Either create a distraction to move him away and quickly dash in, or kill him.


Inside the solar, there is a Thalmor soldier immediately ahead, who will head upstairs. Move to the left side of the room and search the chest behind the desk. Grab the dragon report, and the two dossiers. Make sure to grab the Stone of Barenziah upstairs in the bedroom to the left, as this is the only chance you will have in the game to grab this particular stone and complete the related quest.


Go down the nearby stairs to the interrogation chamber. A Thalmor named Rulindil and a soldier will be torturing a prisoner, Etienne Rarnis, in one of the cells. You can either sneak behind Rulindil, grab the dossier and sneak into the cell or kill both him and the soldier. Either way, you will need to speak to the prisoner, who says you can escape via a locked trapdoor. You can set him free if you want to. If you caused Brelas to get arrested earlier to create a distraction, she will be in the cell at the far end, and can be freed as well. She will assist you in taking out any further guards you encounter before escaping.


Once the prisoner has been spoken to, two soldiers will enter the room with Malborn, whom they have now realized is a spy, and begin to search for you. Either pickpocket the key to the trapdoor from whichever of them has it, or kill them both and loot it. If you are inactive too long, they will kill Malborn. Once you have the key, escape through the trapdoor.


There is a troll inside the tunnel, who will also attack the prisoners, but you can simply run for the exit to avoid it if you want. There is a necromancer’s body and a Conjuration skill book beneath the ledge that you walk out on as you exit the tunnel. Return to Delphine in Riverwood to show her the documents you have obtained.


81 Responses

  1. mike says:

    currently engaged in this quest, The chest was empty and have no way to fight my way out of this or Finnish this quest? What happened to my weapons and armor?

    • joshua b says:

      same thing happend to me. im done, this happend before a few times in my game . theres no way ican go on playing this game anymore..aaaaagggggghhhhhh

      • Miike13 says:

        The same things happening to me now I engaged in the quest and the underground door needs a key and my auto save keeps me spawning in the dungeons.

        • Sasha says:

          How in the world am I supposed to sneak past the guards straight after I get my gear. I wait for them to stop talking and leave, take one step, the somehow see me through a wall charge out and attack befor I can figure what’s going on!please at least tell me how long I have to wait!

          • Aiden says:

            i don’t know why u people are whining i fought my way through 10 of those thalmor and a dragon and still lived not once did i die on this quest.

    • fnkybassplyr says:

      sorry guys, the only way i was able to fight my way out is, I’m @ level 37 with my sneak @ 97. i double cast muffle, and sneak to an area where I can throw a fire rune, It should alert the guards. JUST HAVE A GOOD PLACE TO HIDE! repeat until you have dead bodies and now all the weapons and armor that falls with them =)

    • cb says:

      it happened to me to, just use a spell to kill one the the gaurds and take their stuff

    • Prophet says:

      I did not give my items to be transported either. (Im level 14) After exiting the pantry, sneak upstairs. You can keep punching the wizard to kill him. Take his knife.
      Go outside. Kill the first archer. Round the building, kill the other archers. Kill the wizard. Take what you need from these.
      Go inside.
      Sneak up on a guard. Engage in battle. Once you have killed them both you can equip yourself with enough to continue to the next building. Go outside, enter the next building, prepare to take on 3. Kill one. grab his mace, finish the battle

    • sina123123 says:

      use tgm -.-

  2. DiligntSlakr says:

    You had to hand your weapons to Malborn, which is something I messed up on. It is so hard to kill these guys when they mob like 3-4 of them at you. All I can say, is I have killed my way to the Interragation room, but can’t kill the wizard dude. If you go searching around, you can find tons of potions. Just gotta try your best I guess. Unless anyway has any suggestions.

    • Aerion of truefeather says:

      im glad i came here im now gonna do the quest for the third time as im in the same situation, i just got no way of killing these guys even the guards have flames and double weapons, after reading your posts its clear you have to give your weapons to the elf bloke before meeting the woman at the stables were she gives you the invitation, i spent bloody ages taking of my clothes and dropping weapons because she kept saying you cant go looking like that, there should be better promps, and clearer instructions in game, i dont want to have to keep looking at web sites to see what to do, ive nearly taken this game back twice, but kept it as i got my bro and me the game for the price of one, and i like roaming around the province.

  3. ken says:

    your equipment is in the chest in the secret room behind the wardrobe at the sleeping giant inn.

  4. jon says:

    FML, i left without getting the documents because i was just having too much fun and forgot about them. i am trying to get back in through the front way and the guards say go right on in but when i try it says that i require a key which i dont have/dont know where to get. any help is great.

  5. jon says:

    i went through the place without getting the documents and it tells me to go back to delphine, i am at her atm and i can only tell her that the thalmar know nothing about the dragons. and when i try to get back inside the place, i need a key and the guards say go right in and i still cant. i even killed them and none of them were carrying a key.

  6. Jon says:

    it is impossible to sneak by. so i suggest packing your best items and a lot of potions if you want to get through this.

  7. madison says:

    this helped me out a lot! :) The arrows were telling me to go other places for some odd reason. But i found the trapdoor and escaped with Brelas dead in the process :/

  8. legitmilkshake says:

    i accidently killed almost everyone in riverwood.
    so now wen i go to meet delphine she attacks me and i already gave my armour and weapons to the contact.
    how do i get past this point?

    • says:

      I’m not sure. The only thing I can think of would be to reload to a point before the killings occurred. Or maybe if you wait for a long time (game wait feature) and then try again?

      • Taco says:

        After you kill someone or cause any crime. Theres a reward set up for your arrest/death. So anyone in that nearby town or area will be agressive towards you. Simply go to a guard, let him arrest you or pay the fine, then it will be like you never committed that crime.(they’ll still be dead though)

  9. Luther says:

    If anyone has any issues with getting back inside your going to have to go back to the appropriate save.

  10. tony says:

    i have 2 interrigation keys in thalmor embassy and the trap door will not open

  11. jason says:

    i had this problem, i had no weapons, my advice is follow this walkthrough but when you are in the kitchen to start with take every bit of food for health and also theres a axe, kill the first guard while topping your health up with food steal his armour and weapon then your kitted out remember you still have your magic, its not easy but if you keep saving when you make a step forward you can do it, it was either this or start the game again as i was stuck in this level

  12. ALEX says:

    What happens if Malborn dies?

  13. Elysia says:


    If you have a warrior with you, they cannot go inside the embassy, but your companion will most likely be carrying weapons and will be outside. If you have forgotten to take weapons with you go outside the embassy and trade weapons with your companion. Then you have a sword and shield that you can use. Makes things loads easier. no worries. The guards inside the party don’t notice you have anything on you. I hope this helps!

  14. ben says:

    Where do you find that stone of barenziah? Ive seatched both bedrooms upstairs and cant find it.

    • Kokoro says:

      It’s in the Solar area. You should be able to see a room or rooms marked something “Solar”. At least that is what I was told.

    • tomoliverdun says:

      I don’t know if this is the one you mean, but there is a gem in the cave as you escape, under the ledge with the body and the skill book.

  15. tweek says:

    i can’t figure out how to get to the greybeards if anyone can help me please i would appreciate it.thanks

    • Luther says:

      Go to Ivarstead and go across the bridge, follow the path up the mountain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Took me a while too, first go to wind helm, north east of whiterun. Then go south keeping to the west side of the river, you reach the mixwater mill, continue along the south and you’ll reach a bridge, a little further a cross road with some signs near fort Amol, then when you see a little faint trail going up the hill follow it, once at the top head south west towards Ivar stead. It should have a water mill there and beside it a bridge, go across the bridge and up the steps, carful of the wolfs and a mountain troll(you can just run past and it will stop chasing you at one point) and poof! Your there!

  16. Heather says:

    for anyone who finds themslves without gear in the embassy, go past the room on the lrft, just sneak by while the guards talk) and enter the room on the right there is equipment in there

  17. Bryn says:

    How do I actually give Malborn the equipment? I can’t find the answer anywhere. What do I need to do/how do I do it?

  18. john q adams says:

    you are all pretty retarded if you couldnt figure this out. your way over thinking this game

    • From Tokyo says:

      You’re the only one being an a** about it. Can’t stand to see people actually being polite and answering people’s questions, huh? When one is a master gamer like you I’m sure they can afford to be a dick. Gtfoh.

  19. Brony Codone says:

    Another loop hole, Find the shadow stone if you want to sneak throug, invisablity is priceless here. Or apprently if you run from them they will stop one you enter skyrim. If you want to fight insted of sneak The Ritual stone (raise near by dead) is very usefull if you can kill a few of them

  20. Mageman 22 says:

    I talked to malborn and nothing happened except that he was free. What do i do?

  21. Mr. Mage 22 says:

    I talked to the prisoner and no guards showed up. What should I do?

  22. Adam says:

    What if i killed the prisoner it wouldnt let me talk to him so i killed him and now im stuck

  23. stalker says:

    is there anyway of getting back in to get the stone of barenziah as its the last one i need and forgot to pick it up when i was in there doin the quest dipolmat immuninity

    any suggestion

  24. From Tokyo says:

    In any case I’ve looked everywhere but couldn’t find the stone. :o /

    • Khajiit says:

      There wasn’t any stone of barenziah anywhere. I’ve searched every single room there is and nothing.

      • moose says:

        The stone is actually in the cave. After freeing the prisoner and saving malborn you loot the key from dead guard. Go down into cave kill the troll. Turn around you’ll find dead conjurer, beside her sits the stone

  25. sir-kills-a-lot says:

    for those of you who showed up at the embasey just to have no weapons here is the trick ,get into the kitchen grab the axe, sneak,run whatever you have to do use, whirlwind sprint get past the guards go right around the bar run up the stairs to the end of the hall past novice necromancer,at the end of the hall go right then left exit door to skyrim,wait there till health builds up. go back inside the door you just came out of there will be one guard kill him take armor,and weapons go back outside regen. health then re-enter and comence to killing this is the only way past the glitch;; happy hunting all;;

    • Haliey says:

      I do not have ANY weapons because my sister told ne to give them to Delphine and I already passes the kitchen. Im in the dugeon where they torture that guy. I dont know how to do it the right way. And I would go back to where the mission began, but I accidentaly saved over it and Im stuck. I cant go back throgh the party places because they all kill me and I ha e no armor. How do I get the key without dying?

  26. toffe says:

    damn! im trapped on this quest, it keeps on autosaving! i think im gonna repaeat the whole quests again from the beginning. huhuhu

    • toffe says:

      can someone tell me how to repeat a quest in skyrim or it continues to autosaving and the other saved files are deleted, i am so disapionted….

  27. datdude says:

    once your free the guy you have to read the book you got out the chest to get out :)

  28. Zlaz says:

    Hey guys if you wear a guard’s elven armor, the other guards wont realize that you’re a fake until they are close enough to see your face. This is quite useful when you’re trying to get to the door in the middle with so many guards nearby.

    My friend (not confirmed) says that if you Fus Ro Dah a guard and run past him, he will not notice you. You can also Fus Ro Dah a guard to another guard, making him think that the 1st guard is the intruder. Again, this is what my friend said so thank him or scold him if you want.

  29. Stefunee says:

    I need help because I keep trying to enter the Solar,but the wizard is not going down to the dungeon.What should I do?

  30. Jess says:

    Worst quest. I didn’t give Malborn good equipment, then I stupidly saved inside a room with 2 guards. So now I die over and over in this room, with only a sword, and I cant figure out how to get out of this mess! Any previous saves takes me back to the third quest :( Very bad quest!!

    • max says:

      if you have any armor, you can run through the hall

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s why you save save, save, save, save, every single time, enter a room save,hear a creepy sound, hit a fork in the road save, finishe stalking to some one important save, cause dude in this game, you don’t save your screwd.

  31. austin says:

    if you can’t do this quest then well, idk what to say. i was level 8 with 30 sneak and i managed to sneak my way through the whole quest. its not that hard

  32. Anonymous says:

    How do I get past the first set of gaurds? I wait for them to leave but they still are there! M level 7 with 17 sneak, shouldn’t i be able?

  33. bryan says:

    wgere’s the third key located for the trap door? i killed everyone and still haven;t found it

  34. oreo says:

    how do i give my equip\\to him

  35. Adam says:

    I need Skyrim for dummies….interesting comments…I killed everyone in the embassy and have no trapdoor Key…ARRGGGG !!

  36. oreo says:

    keeping looking ti’s there\\
    ok!! when you say iam ready there is a inventory screen comes up (that is when you give him everything you want too have ) if you have it give too him
    at the very bottom is the give button

  37. LilTat2Chick says:

    I have been inside Solitude a dozen times at least. Now suddenly I cannot get through the gates. There are no guards, the game just locks up. Ive tried fast traveling, coach, and on foot and cannot get in. Can anyone please help me?

  38. bob says:

    Melbourne is not at the party help!!

  39. jade says:

    I am on this as well. I thought I could outsmart the quest a bit (after I died the first time cause I didn’t expect the frost trolls at the end :/) but I pretty much just took my armor, lockpicks, arrows anf my best sword and bow, along with my own potions of various varietys, two being a bulks of resist to shock/fire/ice magics. And some foods I know cures health fast. Because the small cheeses lying around isn’t enough. But outsmarting it isn’t the only thing to look out for. I’m kinda stuck on this, actually. :/ I’m hoping I’ll get it eventually. :/

  40. cat says:

    I am only level and this worked for me so i don’t see why the others couldn’t do it

  41. tom says:

    I went in kitchen grabbed ax. Killed one soldier grabbed his stuff etc. Lot of saving

  42. Tinna says:

    I could really use some help, after I finish this quest and fast travel to Riverwood to meet Delphine, people from Riverwood, including her, are starting to attack me and become enemies. I think i became a vampire, but i don’t know how and when :o

  43. Shane in WV says:

    Oddly enough, immediately after I passed the ice troll and got on the path outside, I was attacked by a dragon which I battled and slayed with my superior steel mace and by eating the food and drinking some potions I looted previously in the solar.

  44. Slade Wilson says:

    I accidentally killed etienne rarnis and went through a bunch of doors looking for the way out now I can’t compete the quest what do I do

  45. Kate says:

    I was stuck for agggeess on this one! Thought I had given my equipment over to the ginger elf dude, turns out I didn’t. I kept running (and dying), until I burnt a guard, took his stuff then all was good!

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