Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Blindsighted


You,  Brynjolf and Karliah must pursue Mercer Frey to the ancient ruins of Irkngthand and stop him from stealing the Eyes of the Falmer and escaping with the Skeleton Key of Nocturnal.


You will need to traverse three to four levels to find the entrance since this is a rather large ruin. There is a lever which opens the front gate but it is not strictly necessary to use this as you can simply turn right as you enter, disable the bear traps on the ground, and ascend the stairs to the second level, third level, etc. You can sneak your way in or just walk in and kill everyone who gets in your way. The raised gate in the entrance is just a bluff. There’s a broken part of the wall where you can gain access and work your way around in.


In the first area of the ruin, known as Irkngthand Arcanex, you’ll have to fight off a few Dwarven automatons and avoid a fire trap until you reach the lift leading to the Irkngthand Grand Cavern area.


Upon reaching the Grand Cavern, you’ll find Brynjolf and Karliah waiting for you. They will now act as your temporary followers for the remainder of this quest. Continue onward and you’ll eventually see Mercer in the other side of the ruins. Continue to the next area where you’ll encounter Falmer Shadowmasters. The gate is closed and the only way to open it is to set the two gears rolling. The two levers that activate the gears are found across from one another on the upper level. After activating one, run to the second one immediately since the gears stop automatically after a short while.


On your way, be sure to stop and loot the room with the Detect Life Scrolls. These are useful as Mercer Frey employs invisibility magic when engaged in close combat. Continue to the next large area where you saw Mercer earlier. Kill the falmers and a Dwarven Centurian automaton. Make your way to the path above and it will lead you to the higher ground. Go through the door to reach the Irkngthand Slave Pens.


The Slave Pens is a rather straightforward but narrow area. Fight your way through various enemies until you come to the door leading to the area known as Irkngthand Sanctuary.


As soon as you reach the Sanctuary, you’ll find Mercer trying to remove the Eyes of the Falmer from their statue. Upon noticing you, he will collapse the ledge you’re standing on, and after a brief dialogue, you’ll have to fight him. He will use his Agent of Subterfuge power on Brynjolf, causing him to attack Karliah. This will keep Brynjolf and Karliah out of the fight, leaving just you and Mercer.


He’ll disappear from time to time as part of his combat strategy, but remember that although he can become invisible, he’s never invincible. A faint shimmer of his movement will be visible in the air around you as he moves about while invisible, so use this to locate and attack him with your chosen weapon or spell.

TIP: One quiet easy way to kill Mercer is to climb up to the ledge behind the statue and when he comes at you, use Unrelenting Force to blow him off the ledge, as a fall from this height will kill him instantly.


Once Mercer dies, a pipe at the top of the room will burst, flooding the room. Take the Skeleton Key and the Eyes from Mercer’s body, and wait for the water to rise. Once it gets high enough, a hole will appear in the roof above the statue’s head. Go out through the short passage to escape.


Talk to Karliah to complete the quest, and she will give you her bow.


16 Responses

  1. Paulo says:

    what can i do because i cant seem to be fast enough just by running…the door never opens one of the cogs stops before i get there?

  2. Steve says:

    I got the skeleton key n need to talk to karliah but she isin the water and wont follow me out. How do i talk 2 her???

  3. Temple says:

    One of the cogs never moves. I have tried reloading outside the ruin but still does not work. Is it a glich?

  4. Loosewire says:

    I did the one opposite the gate 1st and then the one at the gate last with slow time and was able to jump down before the time was up.

  5. megamen 50 says:

    unable to complete mission on ps3 when water touches player the game stops then reboots is the a glich, only started to happen after last down load from company

  6. Kilunar says:

    when i enter the Irkngthand Sanctuary, and Mercer speech, the part where he says “Karliah,you know you cant get a down on me” nothing happens. i kept on getting stuck there no matter how many times i reload. is this a glitch or bug?

  7. mewithoutyou_78 says:

    Karliah is stuck in stuck in the water and I can’t get her out of it and waiting outside the cave wont help. wtf.

  8. Jason says:

    I have no lockpicks, so i cant open the door to the second lever. Do i really have to go find some lockpicks

    • Kat says:

      Are you seriously doing a thieves quest line without lockpicks? You should be ashamed to call yourself a member of the thieves guild.

  9. dougwood says:

    the lady stop in middle for the rood and know i cant talk to her so this is 1 quest that can not get done or and thing else i can do

  10. Terry says:

    I beat Mercer and i hit the water and it keeps freezing over and over

  11. Andrew says:

    killed mercer, water rises i freeze how do i escape?

  12. arcam says:

    I always got stuck when i try to confront mercer. Karliah follows me eventhough i command them to it a glitch?

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