Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Alduin’s Wall


After you and Esbern leave Riften and arrive in Riverwood, go to the Sleeping Giant Inn and speak with Delphine. She and Esbern will determine that in order to learn more about Alduin the dragon and hopefully find a way to defeat him, the three of you should go and examine Alduin’s Wall, which is located in Sky Haven Temple. You can either travel in the company of Delphine and Esbern, or travel by yourself and meet them there.


Once you arrive at Karthspire, the location that leads to Sky Haven Temple, you will have to get past a band of Forsworn who have erected a camp there, and sometimes also a Dragon. Once you’re inside Karthspire, deal with the few remaining Forsworn inhabitants and keep going until you come across the first puzzle – three pillars that activate a bridge to your left. Esbern will tell you what each of the symbols on the pillars means. Align them so that they all show the Dragonborn symbol and the bridge will lower, allowing you to proceed.


You now face another puzzle in a room wherein the floor is full of pressure plates. Again, the Dragonborn symbol is the key and to get safely to the other side of the room, you must only walk across the plates marked with that symbol. When you get to the other side pull the chain to deactivate the trapped pressure plates so that Delphine and Esbern can cross safely. Don’t forget to tell any followers to “Wait here” before you start to cross or they will activate the pressure plates when they try to follow you.


In the final area before the temple itself, there will be a circular platform in front of a stone face. Activate it to open the face and proceed through to Sky Haven Temple. Talk to Esbern afterwards, and he will tell you that from the inscriptions on the temple walls, it appears the only way to you may be able to defeat Alduin is by using a shout known as Dragonrend. He then tells you that you should journey back to High Hrothgar and ask the Greybeards about this shout.


34 Responses

  1. Tcan says:

    I get Esbern to the wall but he stops at the far left lantern thing and just stands there. If I interact with him all he says is let me try and find the right panel I’ve gone through it like ten times and its the same thing every time is there anything I can do?

  2. Ashley says:

    Tcan – The same thing is happening to me. Did you find a way around?

  3. Sabre says:

    I just stood next to Esbern for a bit w/o interacting with him and he lights a torch and begins to read the wall from left to right. Just stay close and listen to his story.

  4. Zack says:

    I began heading towards Karthspire with Esbern and Delphine however I took a separate route and lost them. When I arrived I went through the entire cave and went back out several times and they were still not there. Is there any way to find and rejoin them?

  5. erin says:

    i cant even get Esbern to open his door in Riften so i can speak to him. He opens the door slot, but the door wont budge to continue the conversation and initiate the next quest

    • Dallas says:

      What you have to do, is exit and come back. It did that for me, too. I just went and did a bunch of quests, came back, and the door was open.

    • ME IS GANGSTA says:

      NO here get that bug fix ill drop here it really helps now im at the quest aluids wall or something.. TRUST ME NO VIRUSES OR other shit!

      • Pramod says:

        hey to open esbern door if glitch is there just open console button(~) and type there (-setstage mq202 160) and door will need to download anyshit….and talk to him and again on escorting he will be packing luggage to make him come wid you try to open conversation then he will come and at riverwood if delphine doesnt talk at inn, try re enter the inn ,then they will go to downstairs and if they dont talk do the same again

    • Roger says:

      If you just wait he has to unlock his door he has it locked well so it takes a few minutes just have patients

  6. Eric says:

    i lost delphine and esburn just stands there at the left lantern

  7. Eric says:

    i lost delphine and esburn just stands there at the left lantern

  8. Jack says:

    If you have a follower, delphine won’t show up and esburn will be stuck in the corner of the wall. If you tell your follower to wait outside of the temple, delphine will show up and the quest will continue.

  9. Dan says:

    yh on alduins wall i decided to travel alone so went there defeated the dragon and forsworns then.i go outside karthspire nd there not there i looked everywhere and can’t find them help Me please?

  10. Seth says:

    how do you start the alduins wall quest thats what im wondering?

  11. Marv says:

    After we got past the first and sneaked by the second dragon on our way to karthspire, Delphine seems to just be stuck and not knowing where to go. I tried leaving them and get to karthspire by myself, but as soon as I get there I get swormed by a bunch of forsworns, a dragon, and the flaming creature… And Delphine just seems to be stuck and travels back and forth on the road.

  12. jose rivera says:

    Im still having alot of trouble finishing the “clear skies” part…i point everywhere but theres no reaction..i even follow the lil arrow

  13. stefan says:

    i got to the part where you need to defeat alduin i just dont know how?HELP!!!

  14. Scott says:

    After agreeing with Delphine & Esbern to meet at Kathspire, I went a couple of days later, & Delphine says I’ve betrayed her & tries to kill me. I’m busy cooperating with Esbern through Kathspire & the Sky haven temple while at the same time killing Delphine for the 10th time in a row & she just crouches & gets her health back… ridiculous. I can’t see that arriving 2 days late is ‘betraying’ her.

  15. eep says:

    when i get to riverwood with esben, i get attacked by the townspeople and then by delphine in the inn. WTH?

  16. Roach says:

    in my game esben has no audio. everyone else talks, but i get no voice from this one guy.. anyone know about this?

  17. kman says:

    Wtf is happening I’m staring at the statue face in the karthspire and the shit wont work I’m on the twentieth reload I cant even get the blood seal to work and every time I touch water the game freezes

  18. booga says:

    ALSO failed to mention the big fucking dragon attacking karthspire

  19. Andy says:

    My problem is I get to the door to the wall room and Severn and Delphine say I should go first and then they run away and stand back at the three pillar platform

  20. chris says:

    he was standing at the front for me when i got through it all but the door thats a face i hit him with my sward and then he followed me

  21. joshua says:

    when i get to the alduin’s wall, there is a arrow to tell me to walk into the head, esbern is also not there. i dont know where he has gone

  22. mike da boss says:

    i get to the wall and esbern just stands there and delphine isnt there do i have to come back later please help

  23. donald lathrop says:

    i cant activate the door

  24. Jago The Mighty Dragon Slayer says:

    When the townswoman said the dragon was “attacking”, I just had to laugh. A dragon flying over the town is NOT attacking it. If it was, then people would be saying these messages: “Oh my God! An airplane is attacking! It flew over my house!” “Oh no! That bird is attacking! It flew over me!”

  25. Dragonborn says:

    i don’t have a follower but Delphine never showed up at all.

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