Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Alduin’s Bane


Having obtained one of the Elder Scrolls, return it to Paarthurnax atop the Throat of the World so that you can use it to gaze into the past and find out how the ancient Nords used the Dragonrend shout to defeat Alduin.


When you arrive back at the mountaintop, Paarthurnax will tell you he sees something different in you, that you must have the Elder scroll now. He’ll then tell you to go to the time warp and read The Elder Scroll.


Upon viewing the Elder Scroll while standing in the time warp, you will see a vision of the past, and the prior heroes who defeated Alduin standing ready for the coming battle. When Alduin attacks, they will use the Dragonrend shout, and from watching them do so you will have learned it. Watch the rest of the battle.


After the ancient battle is over and your glimpse into the past ceases, the Alduin of the present will appear at the Throat of the World. Paarthurnax and Alduin will take flight and battle in the air. When the moment of opportunity is at hand, use the Dragonrend shout on Alduin, forcing him to the ground.


Alduin will take off again as soon as he recovers from the effect of the shout, but you want him on the ground as much as possible, so you should try to continue using the Dragonrend shout immediately after it recharges each time, as this will prevent Alduin from taking off again and keep him grounded for the whole fight.


This will be a hard battle; Alduin has a huge pool of health and does a lot of damage. Keep pummeling him with your preferred means of attack and eventually he’ll be unable to continue the fight, and will tell you that he underestimated you, but that no one can defeat him, not even Dovahkiin. He will then depart.


14 Responses

  1. kozzfreak says:

    has someone defeated alduin yet? i keep getting killed over here… can someone help me

  2. Scott Wojtowich says:

    I can’t even tell which dragon is which, very frustrating.

  3. Add says:

    I can’t seem to hurt Alduin at all does anyone know why

  4. nnsdfdkh says:

    who ever wrote this walkthrough is one crack. I cant even damage him

  5. modding mad says:

    i have a mod, a gun mod with a type of ammo that kill anything in one shot…. gonna test on Alduin.

  6. smitty says:

    I’m so peeved! I almost had out completed, he Auldin had less than 50% health and my game froze! I kept hitting him with a lightening bolt and the Th’um , when he was down, i could run up and slash him a few times with my dragonbane sword. Ugh! So pissed! As i type this i am installing the updates.

  7. dogsmile says:

    Help. Can’t kill Auldin. I know he does not actually die but can’t damage him enough without getting killed Have tried fast travel and returning. Have tried re-loading a previous version. Any more advice?

  8. Seth King says:

    I FUCKING HATE THAT GOD FORSAKEN QUEST BECAUSE I CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO DRAGONS. And I killed the wrong dragon and then I tryed it again I died when he was about to say that he under estimated you. And I was level 23 and my strongist weapon was a war axe that did 37 damage so if any one knows where to find easy to get weapons that are stronger then my war axe then please tell me. :’(

  9. Seth King says:

    sorry for my bad language im just so fusterad but please help me.

  10. Alduin-Slayer says:

    Get dragonbane upgrade it twice (if you have the steel smithing) also get a healing spell (I use fast healing, works like a charm) then use your dragon rend shout. Use it when it recharges as fast as you can and attack him from the back (you will take less damage, or attack him from the side) hope this helps

  11. Adamalia says:

    I’m a level 14 fighting Alduin, I’ve hit him about 500 times & he hasn’t lost a single drop of health. Are there other weapons available? Other than the ancient Nord Sword I mean. Or do I just need to improve a bit?

  12. Locust Reign says:

    Try using the wabberjack you get from sheogorath,….turn alduin into a sweetroll and eat him. I don’t know if this is possible but it’s worth a shot.

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