Inventory Chest in Dawnstar (Free Items)


This guide will show you how to access one of the shop inventory chests in Dawnstar. Ever wondered where the shopkeepers have all their items? Well I’m going to show you!


Firstly you will need to go to Dawnstar, either fast travel there or take a carriage. If you don’t want to spend money on a carriage you can always run, but it will take a while.


Once you get to Dawnstar locate the smelter by the mine, it shouldn’t take long to find just wander about the town. Once you find this smelter by the mine look at the entrance to the mine then look to the left until you see three small rocks.


Run over to these rocks and stand in the middle, look at the one furthest away from you and search around it on the right hand side. Run your cross hair up and down on this rock until you see the open chest notification.


Press the appropriate button and it will open up the chest under the ground (some shop’s inventory) and you can take whatever you want. This will not count as stealing so you can sell the items or use them. Inside the chest you will find lots of good items from soul gems to weapons and armour.


Abeona GuideShop inventories are hidden underground where players can’t get to them.  The items match those on sale in an actual shop and this chest is located very close to that shop so I concluded that it was the developer’s way of making sure the player couldn’t just take all the endgame gear from the store by stealing – it would make the game far too easy for the player if it were possible to take Daedric weapons by sneaking into a shop and pick-pocketing the shopkeeper.


The items in the chest are too advanced, and there are too many of them, for it to be an Easter Egg, and it’s too well hidden with no reference or hint from the developers like other Easter Eggs.


Here is a video if your having trouble finding it:



If you have any problems finding this please comment or post in the forums and I will help you out as soon as possible.


Written by: Luther


56 Responses

  1. jeff says:

    works great on the 360 platform no problem finding this one hey luther is there a better jail to go to for the armor stacking i posted havent heatrd back yet

  2. Ace says:

    I can’t seem to find it anywhere. From the smelter, I look to the left of the mine, where there are three rocks. I stand on the middle one, and move the cross hair up and down the right side of the furthest rock. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Stumpy says:

    Struggling to identify the rocks. There is a large and two small rocks front left of mine entrance and three small ones further away under a tree. No joy at either on Xbox 360!

  4. Sean says:

    Having some problems finding the chest opening. Coud you email me a video of you finding it, please.

  5. Luther says:

    as people are having trouble finding this and my capture card still has not arrived in the post I will upload someone else’s video temporarily.

  6. Fr34kyUK says:

    Found it now thanks to the video, i was busy trying it at the other mine entrance, didnt realise there was 2 lol

  7. Ron Felicia says:

    just did it on xbox360…i was going crazy too until i saw this post and realized there was another mine!!! the rocks are sort of in like a triangle…if u walk up the the rocks and stand in the middle of them and look to the right of the rock that is closest to the big boulders u will find it!! so easy and now that i followed another post on this site to increase my speech level i can sell some of the stuff in this chest for real $$ instead of getting ripped off by these merchants!!! thanks so much for sharing luther!!

  8. kan says:

    I’ve waited for days and weeks for this chest to respawn, it doesn’t seem to refill the items. I took everything out of the chest and it’s been empty for weeks now (ingame time). Anyone get it to refill the items?

  9. matt says:

    who’s shop inventory is this ?

  10. Dylan says:

    Uhm, I know this has nothing to do with the video, but i figured this was the best place for help on skyrim, on the companions quests on the second totem of hircine quest, I can’t figure out the combonation of the statues, help?

  11. Dylan says:

    It works fine on Ps3, just have to stand inbetween the middle rock and the rock on the right for it to work.

  12. Carter says:

    This worked great this was awesome and cool any other chests like this?

  13. Evan K says:

    Thank You for this its a great help.

  14. Dylan says:

    What mace are you using? Ebony? I can’t tell man.

  15. russel says:

    does the chest refill or no

  16. Elise says:

    Not there on ps3.

  17. says:

    Where do i find the caravan too after using the chest? Would it make a difference that I am a low level and have not done many quests yet? I’m Lv 19

  18. daDarkspace says:

    Thanks a lot Luther, at first had some trouble identifying the rocks, after half an hour I found the other mine and smelter.

  19. mark says:

    hey bro, nice tutorial it all worked, but i have a couple of questions and comments hahha not trying to be a fag but yeah haaha
    comment1: if you set the game difficulty higher you get better stuff(it might have just been me but i got 129 lockpicks

    • Luther says:

      I believe that is just luck, the difficulty does not effect what shop owners have in their inventories, at least not to my knowledge.

  20. Robin says:

    Holy shit it woarks! PC version

  21. Juanita says:

    It works perfectly (ps3), thank you sooo much!

  22. SEAN BYRNES says:

    Nice one mate, no probs finding it, really good tip keep `em comming.

  23. Kiki says:

    I’ve taken everything from the hidden chest, but none of the items show up in my inventory when I try to sell them. Did I miss a step?

  24. DJ Enigma says:

    Man, I love these little pick me ups. That’s a serious grocery list of stuff. Hard to choose, but it will keep making me lots of gold!!! Thanks

  25. HawkeImperialAmazoness says:

    Heres a tip, take with you a horse just in case you want to get around the town without being too slow :) .. Hope this helps

  26. HawkeImperialAmazoness says:

    Another tip: While you have a horse with you, stock up on the stuff from the chest, ride your horse to the Inn, stay 2 nights which is cheap like 20g for both.. then go back to chest and continue stocking up from the chest :D . Good thing with this is the Inn is on the same level as the chest and isn’t that far, only bad thing is while in the Inn you will be slow.

  27. skuzie says:

    Still woyks on the PS3, although I am now wanted in this town due to accidently killing someone when I killed the blood dragoin that attacked, lol

  28. castesx says:

    Does this still work as of January 2013?

  29. Jeff says:

    works just fine just fast travel to dawnstar take the first right walk in front of the buildings to the smelter and straight past the people working the smelter to the 3 rock circle and search the ground around the rocks. Just wish I could find the caravan vendor to restock it

  30. Takoda says:

    Which mine is it?

  31. justin says:

    This is pretty awesome find, just wish I could find more of these chests…

  32. dovahkin says:

    There are two khajiit caravans in skyrim one with a female selling goods and one with a male selling goods

  33. dovahkin says:

    How do you tame and ride a dragon is it only on the dragonborn expansion or is it a thu’um that you aquire.

  34. Johan Fourie says:

    Luther, thank you for all the help you have given re Skyrim!! Here’s a personal request, if I may?! I am fascinated by the background music of your video regarding the chest in Dawnstar. I will give you three dragons!! Thanks again, Johan

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