Increase Enchanting, Alteration, Conjuration, Smithing, Speech AND Make Money!


This guide will explain how to increase your Enchanting, Alteration, Conjuration, Smithing and Speech skills repeatedly from one process that develops all of those skills in Skyrim. And you can make a lot of money at the same time. Tempting? You bet!



This guide uses one technique from anther article I’ve written on this site, but it also shows you how to develop a wider group of skills from a simultaneous process than any other article published on here so far. Doing this will increase Enchanting, Alteration, Conjuration and Smithing skills quiskly. Speech levels a bit slower with this but is still improved.



  • Able to kill average enemies and one relatively strong enemy for early game.
  • Transmute magic spell (read how to get it here)
  • Fortify Banter effect (or a similar enchantment, but it must be applicable to rings)
  • About 2000 gold
  • Empty soul gems of any quality; petty will do fine.
  • Soul Trap magic spell
  • Game progressed to Whiterun (so very early in game is fine).


Obtain the Transmute spell before doing anything else. Read how to get it here. It helps if you have a follower with you for this part as here is where you’ll be dealing with the one relatively strong enemy if you’re an early game character.


Now find an item on sale by a merchant that is imbued with the Fortify Banter effect, so that you can disenchant it to learn how to reapply that effect, through enchantment, to other items of your choosing. If you can’t find an item imbued with that effect, select another enchantment that can be applied to rings, this will all still work. But you can usually find the Fortify Banter effect on items on sale at general goods outlets like the Riverwood Trader or Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun.


Buy some empty Petty Soul Gems from general goods outlets, the Court-Wizard Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach, or someone in the College of Winterhold. Empty Petty Soul Gems aren’t at all expensive.


The Soul Trap spell can be bought from almost any magical vendor in Skyrim. Do so now.


You might also want to invest some skill points into the first perk in the Speech skill constellation as this will decrease the cost you buy the materials at and increase the cost you’ll be selling things for in the next part of this guide. But if you don’t have any skill points spare or want to spend them on essential survival skills, don’t worry about it.


Now run through this six step process:


Step 1) Purchase iron ore from any vendor that sells it. Stock as much as you can, once all the vendors in the area run out of iron ore wait 48 hours to replenish their stocks. Rinse and repeat until you have a decent amount of iron ore. This will level your Speech skill a bit but not much. The main leveling for the Speech skill comes later. The best area to do this in is probably Whiterun, as there are four vendors in that city who sell iron ore.


Step 2) Use the Transmute spell you obtained earlier to transform all the iron ore into gold ore. This will level your Alteration skill quite a bit. Be aware that first the spell will transform the iron ore into silver ore, and then from silver ore into gold ore. This is nothing to be concerned about; the end result is the same.



Step 3) Go to a smelter (usually found outside a blacksmiths) and smelt all your gold ore into gold ingots, and then go to a forge and craft the ingots into gold rings. You get two gold rings for each gold ingot. Doing this will level your Smithing skill quite a lot depending on how much iron ore you bought to turn into gold ore.


Step 4) Go and fill your soul gems with any souls you can find. I recommend following the stream outside Whiterun and using Soul Trap on the mudcrabs you’ll find along it. This is the best technique for filling lesser and petty soul gems that I know of. This will raise your Conjuration skil.


Step 5) Go to an arcane enchanter and enchant all your gold rings with Fortify Banter or whatever enchantment effect you got from the item you bought earlier. Doing this will increase your Enchanting skill and significantly raise the price of the items. Remember that if you haven’t already done so, you will have to disenchant the item you bought in order to be able to enchant your gold rings with whatever effect it was imbued with.


Step 6) Sell your enchanted gold rings to merchants. This will raise your Speech skill level and earn you some money. You can expect to sell each ring for up to 500 gold depending on the quality of the soul gem, the enchantment effect placed upon them, and the level of your Enchanting skill at the time of their enchantment.



You can run through this process as much as you want to keep on developing the skills mentioned here. One of the things a lot of people like about this process is that it has the feel of a legitimate profession about it, not like you’re manipulating game mechanics to gain levels by performing  a single act repetitively, or exploiting a glitch in the software.


Thanks for reading! If you have anything to say or have any problems about / with anything in this guide, comment below or post in the forums, and I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.


Written By: Luther


9 Responses

  1. Jamie Hudson says:

    Is it fortify banter or fortify barter?

  2. smokinwill says:

    great guide. Just did this tonight with about 80 ore and a couple hundred ingots and maxed out my smithing skill. Now I just need to work on getting more souls so I can max out my enchanting as well. One thing I would say is if anyone is having trouble finding the place its a little northwest of white run.

  3. esp says:

    How do i fill the empty soul gems with the souls? I use the spell on the muddcrab and it tells me did the spell, but the soul gems are all empty. What am doing wrong?

  4. Steve says:

    Dawnstar actually has an iron mine with out any hostile npc’s if you don’t want to spend gold buying iron.

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