How to own Honeyside Manor in Riften and be a Thane of Riften


This guide will show you how to own the available house in Riften as well as acquire the title Thane of Riften and be assigned the Housecarl that comes with the position. This guide does not include any glitches.


Firstly you will need to go outside the town to the fishery. The door to this part of the town is by the blacksmith. Once you are in this area you should enter the fishery when it’s open and search for an Argonian woman. This woman will say something about being ill and after further investigation you will find she is a Skooma addict. She will ask for a healing potion; any potion will do. Once you have given this to her she will thank you and you will receive a quest to locate the Skooma dealer in Riften.


To do this you will need to speak with the Argonian woman again and [Pursuade], [Intimidate] or [Bribe] her in order to find out who sold her the Skooma. Now go and see the Jarl in the keep inside Riften. She will ask you to kill the Skooma dealer and will give you the key to the warehouse he is in. After killing him return to the Jarl.


She will now give you a quest to eliminate the source of the Skooma. Follow your quest marker and kill everyone in the cavern it leads you to. After doing this return to the Jarl again and she will commend you and give you a reward. You’re almost done!


You now need to help out at least two, possibly three citizens around the town. Talk to random people and get quests to help them with things. Here are some people who give quests in Riften:

  • The Blacksmith
  • The Jewelry Merchant
  • The lady in the Chemist
  • The man in the Stables/by the bridge


Doing any of these quests will count. Once you have done enough, return to the Jarl and you can purchase Honeyside Manor for 8000 gold. The house is well worth this amount. After you’ve made the purchase, speak to her again and she will confer upon you the title of Thane. Once you are a Thane you will be assigned a Housecarl who you will find waiting for you in your house. You can also buy upgrades to your house.


WARNING: Do not buy any upgrades to the house until after you have spoken to the Jarl again and been made a Thane or you will never be able to become a Thane of Riften due to a glitch – at least not until Bethesda correct this issue with a patch.


This house in Riften is worth buying because it has an Alchemy area, an Enchanting area, and two mannequins which allow you to use the duplicating items mannequin glitch to get infinite gold for yourself. To get the mannequins you must first buy the Enchanting area upgrade for the house.


If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to comment on this guide or ask for help in the forum.


Written By: Luther


23 Responses

  1. vega_ska says:

    I went inside the warehouse, killed 2 guys in there… went downstairs, open another door, and saw a purse thingy… grabed everything, went back to the jarl, she didnt recognize i killed the guy…!

    Went back to warehouse and my map still has the icon pointing at the purse thingy, but the purse is empty and i cant see anything else i can grab on the table!

    Another weird thing is that the invert Y axis control in the settings doesnt work, i can select it, but it doesnt do it, when i go back and try to set it again, its deactivated

    Am using the xbox 360 with no game patch (never been patched) and i just downloaded the new dashboard (dec 2011)

    • Luther says:

      I advise patching the game, the patches might fix beneficial glitches but they also patch tons of stuff that is bad for the player. There is plenty of workarounds for the old glitches as well, patch the game fully and if it still doesn’t work reload to a save and take everything from the pouch again. If the icon is still there, check the corpses, take everything off the table.

      • adzy says:

        what you need to do is read the shipment letter and then the icon will disappear then go into your misc quests and activate return to the jarl and she will send you to the cavern

      • vega_ska says:

        Game is now patched, it did not fix anything… im going to try and read the shipment letter, and see if that does the trick… (i cant wait to get home and give it he old college try :P )
        Anyway thanks!

      • beth says:

        I had the same problem but I read the letter I got from the bag and it said to go to the jarl

    • Joel says:

      Did the same to me. Drop the letter or whatever it was and then pick it back up. When you drop it, it should automatically recognize that you completed the quest.

    • dakota says:

      u have to read the thinie tht was in the satchel and then go bac to the jarl.

    • Ihab Abdelmnim says:

      You have to read the letter that was in the pursey thing

  2. Airabella says:

    Try going to your items and actually opening up the paper that you got from that guys satchel. It worked for me.

  3. manda says:

    I keep dying trying to defeat the last guy on “Silenced Tongues”. Is there a shout or spell that easily kills the giant ice thing he summons?

    • Luther says:

      If you mean a frost atronach they can easily be killed with fire spells, fire weapon enchantments or the fire breath shout.

  4. kanakajoe says:

    I did all the helping quest and go Thane of Riften, my quest is, I did not get Blade of Riften. In stead I got Iron Greatsword of Fatigue?

  5. mackdady says:

    What is the Quests name for the house

  6. paul chlebowski says:

    in thane of riftin mannequin glitch fishery is never open . is it seasonal or has glitch been patched

  7. Jorge Jarrod says:

    If youve already cleared craigs lane cavern can you still get to be thane must be a glitch.

  8. Jorge Jarrod says:

    Do the add ons you by like at gamestop have game upgrades with them?

  9. Cowboy Fool says:

    what is this patching the game i hear about. i play it on my xbox 360. only level 27 and im trying to get my skills up as quick as possible so please help.. especially with the whole patch thing

  10. Jake says:

    I completed the skooma quest and helped several people but the option to buy the house has never came up. Wondering if anyone has an answer. Im not 100% percent sure but i think i mightve screwed myself when i started a bar fight with an orc and the shopkeep got killed.

    • beth says:

      No that should not have affected amything and I cant offer much help on this topic but if you help people in the town that might work….idk though

  11. Flamingzombie says:

    This is so fascinating yet creepy my items are not duplicating
    Instead my maniquins are moving around the room! THEY ARE

  12. Jolly Potato says:


  13. isaiah monahan says:

    I killed everyone in the cavern before I even got to riften now when I killed the others when I started the quest and it won’t complete it idk how to finish it

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