How to Cure Vampirism in Skyrim


Are the deadly powers of the vampire not worth the price that must be paid? Read on to find out how to cure vampirism in Skyrim.




A Vampire in SkyrimIf it’s been less then three days since you contracted the disease of vampirism from being hit by a vampire in combat, then you can still avoid turning into one of them by drinking a cure disease potion or using one of the Shrines of Talos outside of Whiterun or Dragonsreach, which will cure you of all diseases.


If it’s been more than three days since you first contracted vampirism and you’re now a fully fledged vampire, the condition is now too far gone to be remedied with common magic spells or potions, or even the healing effects of the Shrine of Talos. Almost all mortals who find themselves in this state end up living out the rest of their lives as vampires. But for those who are determined, there is a way to obtain release from this state, if you can just find someone with the knowledge of what must be done…  




Just like in the real world, a good thing to do if you’ve got problems in Skyrim is go and talk to a barman. Ask any Inn Keeper or Bartender about rumors and they’ll tell you that a man named Falion in Morthal is studying vampires.


Make you way to the settlement of Morthal, which you’ll find east of Fort Snowhawk. Once you arrive, find and talk to Falion about how one can rid oneself of full vampirism. He’ll tell you that there is a ritual that can accomplish what you seek, but it will require the use of a filled black soul gem. He can sell you such a gem, but you’ll need to fill it yourself.  



Make sure you know the South Trap spell or have in your possession a Soul Trap scroll. A black soul gem can only be filled with the soul of a person of one of the races; not an animal, monster, conjured creature or undead being. Any common bandit will suffice for this.


With a filled Black Soul Gem, return to Falion and tell him you’re ready to undergo the ritual. You are now free of vampirism.



69 Responses

  1. Jaime Stout says:

    I drank a cure disease (actually, quite a few) AND went to various temples, but ppl keep telling me I look pale and sickly. It doesn`t progress (no symptoms), but ppl keep looking at me weird. Do I still have it, or is it something else?

    • says:

      Hmm…. if you are showing any advancing symptoms of vampirism and it’s definitely been more than three days since you contracted the disease from combat with a vampire, then that must surely mean that you no longer have it. If you did, then by now you’d be at least a ‘stage 1′ vampire and you would notice, among other things, that some of your attributes suffer a penalty when you’re out in the sunlight. I can’t think why people keep telling you that you look pale and sickly or looking at you weird.

      • Austin Payne says:

        It’s probably because you have a different disease, or the people are glitching.
        You can check and see if you are a vampire or if you do have any diseases by going into active effects in the magic menu. All negative effects are in red, when you highlight it, it will tell you why your effects are going down.
        Example would be weakness to sunlight, vampirism.

    • Luther says:

      Open your character menu, go to magic, go to active effects. Look for any bad ones.

    • person says:

      This happens randomly. It doesn’t mean that you are a vampire. People like shopkeepers occasionally say that as a random chat when you walk past or near them.

    • Jacob says:

      Will other vampires attack you if you are already a vampire?

  2. abe says:

    how do you tall to a barman or inkeeper if the minute they see you they start to attack you

    • Luther says:

      If they are attacking you like this you are a stage 4 vampire and you need to feed to fall back to stage one, then you will be able to speak to them.

    • Luther says:

      If they attack you on site then you are a stage four vampire and you need to feed to fall back to stage one. After feeding you will be able to talk to people again.

    • Luther says:

      If they attack you on sight you are a stage four vampire and you need to feed to go back to stage one. After you have gone back to stage one you will be able to talk to the innkeeper.

    • Luther says:

      That means your a stage four vampire, feed to regain stage one then you can talk to people.

    • Byron says:

      Same here Abe, I fast traveled to Morthal and the second someone sees me, the entire town tries to kill me. If I fight back, surely I will end up killing the guy I need to speak with, no?

    • Jacob says:

      Hey how come my stamina won’t regain when it’s all gone like it’s supposed to?

  3. Cam says:

    that means you’re at stage 4 vampirism and need to feed in order to revert to stage one and have everyone calm down. If you have a companion, just go with them to an empty bed in a cabin and have them sleep in it. then sneak up on them and it’ll give you the option to feed. A crazier way is to run to the temple of Kynareth in whiterun and feed on one of the sick people and then run out of town as quickly as possible. When you come back you should be able to pay a fine and be back to stage 1.

  4. Luther says:

    If they attack you on sight you are a stage four vampire and you need to feed to go back to stage one. After you have gone back to stage one you will be able to talk to the innkeeper to start the cure quest.

    • hubbs03 says:

      i did everything i was asked by falion, and after i met him at the stone, the next tasked on the quest says to speak with him.
      no ritual was done when i met him at the stone, and now i cant do anything. i can only buy or sell stuff with him.
      what the heck am i suposed to do?
      i am lost and getting tired of feadying on the sick peopl daily.

  5. Sheogorath says:

    I never knew that the Weekly World News is sponsoring Skyrim until I saw the picture on this page of Batboy in the role of a vampire.

  6. Cormega says:

    Same thing happened to me, I had to go back a few saves and all seemed fine, then all of the sudden, my blood began to boil, so obviously I didn’t go back far enough, BUTT, I did make it to Morthal without everyone wanting to kill me and spoke to the bloke about the cure…

  7. Luther says:

    Sorry about multiple posts, for some reason they only just appeared for me.

  8. gigi kent says:

    it’s an easier way than all this nonesense: join early in the game, in WHiterun, the Companion brotherhood and become werewolf.When you can be werewolf, at the tip of your hand and a command, you won’t have to worry about any diseases. or alternative find that masque , I don’t remember in which quest , but they are quests related to Whiterun adn Markarth only, and the mask keeps you away from diseases and poisons

  9. hubbs03 says:

    i did everything i was asked by falion, and after i met him at the stone, the next tasked on the quest says to speak with him.
    no ritual was done when i met him at the stone, and now i cant do anything. i can only buy or sell stuff with him.
    what the heck am i suposed to do?
    i am lost and getting tired of feadying on the sick peopl daily.

    • Luther says:

      You’ve tried going back a save? Try joining the companions and becoming a werewolf, this might override vampirism. I know once you have lycanthropy you can’t get vampirism due to the disease immunity, perhaps it would work in a similar manner and cure you? Worth a try.

  10. Kombatwombat says:

    I was a stage four vampire and then contracted lycanthropy, when u turned into a werewolf and reverted back after I was normal. Hope this helps

  11. Arthur says:

    Do u have to feed on Animals people or does it matter?? I am at stage 4 and don’t know how to get back to stage one vampirism

  12. mrmocap says:

    I found the easiest cure for vampirism was to become a werewolf.
    if you complete the companions quest to recover the mace they indoctrinate you as a werewolf.
    being a werewolf completely cures being a vampire.
    and there’s no downside to being a werewolf other than you cannot gain EXP perks from sleeping.

  13. Mike says:

    Can u combine werewolf and vampirism?

  14. Wes says:

    How do you feed on people? I’m in stage 4 and everybody tries to kill me. All I need to know is how do you feed?

    • smoke says:

      you have to kill all the gaurds protecting the town. once this done you have to fine a house unlock it and sneak in to where they are sleeping. it will read pickpocket. hit X then it will say feed. you go from there.

    • Con says:

      Sneak up on them when they are sleeping. Click on them and you are give a choice of pick pocketing them or feeding. Select feeding and your vampirism will return to lvl 1.

      If you have a follower you can tell them to sleep and then feed on them. Click on them and select I want you to do something. Then point to a bed and a message sleep in bed pops up. Type E and you follower will sleep. Then feed just as you would on anyother NPC. Make sure you have all weapons/spells sheathed.

  15. smoke says:

    i have the black soul gems and talked to the man that told me i had to fill the gem by killing someone. i did and i couldn’t get the gem to take the soul. what am i doing wrong? how do you fill the black soul gem.

  16. andrew says:

    After you kill someone, go and take there items. it will say feed or take items.

  17. danny says:

    easier way to fight vampirism is go to morthol and find out about quest from barman about a burned house keep doin the quest and ull find a master vampire kill him and hell ask u to spare say no and kill him steal his stuff then join companions

  18. WildMan83 says:

    Replying to ANYONE who says they can’t go into towns and stuff because they are stage 4 vamp….instead of killing ALL the guards in a town as was suggested by someone ^^^^ up there…just roam around the world map and you will either come across a cave or a camp or some sort of bandit settlement,im sure…wait around untill a time when they are likely to be sleeping and sneak in,feed, sneak off….TA DAAAAAAAH!!! back to stage 1,i should think. Sounds easier (and might i say,cheaper in the long run…imagen the bounty for wiping out an ENTIRE TOWN’S guards?!?!??)then slaughtering a whole army of angry vampire-hating guards,right?

    • Guard Hater says:

      Actually I Decided To Wipe Out All The Guards In Every Hold And…
      Not That Big Bounty!
      Especially If Ur Thane ;) ;)
      It’s About 29638 I Think. Its What I Got Anyway :D Though You Could Easily Just Go Jail… Simples!

  19. WildMan83 says:

    Failing that you could always complete the Companions missions in Whiterun and become a Wearwolf instead lol!…no more contracting horrid illness’ and stuff….INCLUDING vampireism….where do I sign!!! lmao

  20. shade says:

    I used soul trap on everybody including:human,bandit,monster,animal,soldiers,undead,those underground creatures that I don’t remember their name but it doesn’t work!It always says:NO SOUL GEM LARGE ENOUGH.I’m tired of seeing this masage.only when I got to that canibal cave that a woman voice named “namira” turned me into canibal.It was there that I gained lesser of that black gem.What I’m going to do to fill this gem?It is 3 weeks that I’m stuck in here.

    • Brian says:

      @ shade, black soul gems are for humans. Regular soulgems are for creatures and monsters. Also chack your inventory if you’ve casted soul trap on everyone you’ve probably filled every soul gem you have. Which is why you don’t have one big enough.

    • Namira's Little Cannibal :) says:

      Dont You Just Love How You Find Some Dead Person It The City And Eat Them Then You Just Randomly Get A Bounty For Eating…? Quite Tasy Actually
      I Found It Horrific At First, Although If You Wear Namira’s Ring You Get Gr8 Beniefits From It :)

  21. mazza says:

    how dose one fill a black soul gem cause i have done the soul trap spell and it dosent seam to fill the black soul gem at all.

  22. Bill B. says:

    wow got a lot of info. here great site! the book doesnt tel you this

  23. Stain says:

    Are there any real benefits to being a vampire

    • Charles says:

      Sneaking ability is amazing. So, much so that you can sneak up behind someone or thing without being detected. Also brief invisibility. Warning, being a vampire does slow down mission progress. Especially when it comes to fighting fire breathing dragons, or working with other memebers in the community of skyrim.

    • Russ Nutter says:

      The book dosent tell you anything that you need to know ,I didn’t even know I was a vampire until someone screamed “arrrrrgh,vampire!” and run away ,I just wondered why people started attacking me for no reason ,and it dosen’t mention you can drink a potion and cure it within three day of contracting it either !

  24. Charles says:

    If I am a vampire how do i get into the village without being detected long enough to talk to anyone let alone not get attacked by the person who is able to help me with a cure. Very frustrating. Is there a wait period when I turn back to normal? I thought there was but it seems it gets longer and longer each time.

  25. Russ Nutter says:

    how do you defeat the sorcerer at the end of ‘the temple of Mirander’ (or whatever her name is)?

  26. Russ Nutter says:

    If you go to where the champions are (can’t remember the name of the place)you will find some asleep ,pick their pocket and you will get the option to feed ,then talk to the leader and do the ‘Family heirloom’ quest which in turn allows you to take a ritual to become a werewolf,this nulifies your vampirism,I came across a big glitch,when I returned to the champions ,they all started attacking each other on a loop for about 20 mins ,then carried on like nothing happened amidst all the carnage !?

  27. Ade says:

    Hi all,

    Trying to cure vampirism, done everything up to the point of filling black soul gem. Stupid question perhaps but how do i capture souls. i have soul trap spell but once i kill bandits i have tried to use spell to capture souls but nothing is happening. any advice please

  28. shade says:

    I have a question.In my room at college of winterhold the are 3 barrels.I used to store my things in there.But today when I went to my room I found them Empty.What should I do?Those things are very important for me.

  29. Someone says:

    So… I Have The Werewolf Transformation And Its 100% Resist 2 Disease… I REALLY Wanna B A Vamp Tho :( Is There Any Glitch Or Somthing So I Can Achieve This??

    • anthony says:

      well…. have you done the quests for the vamp hunters….. if you return the vamp lords daughter you can become a vampire even if you are a werewolf….

  30. troy says:

    I already have a filled blacksoul gem but fallion doesnt offer a cure or ritual

  31. James says:

    Were can i find a soal trap scroll?

  32. Omar says:

    What is a soal trap scroll?

  33. isaac says:

    Everyone is attacking me….. I dont know what I should do. Im in Morthal though… They are still attacking me. Please help!!

  34. Kirill says:

    Ok. I’ve read all the blog about this issue. I honestly didn’t even knew that I became a vamp in the game. Then any city I go people just effing swarming me all around! How can I figure out what stage of vampirism I’m at? I’ve figured out in the magic menu that I’m having some weaknesses to the sun and blah blah blah. So I’ll try to do what people said above. I know that I need to talk to Falion in Morthal. My question is, by feeding do you guys mean that I have to drink someone’s blood and this will bring me back to lvl.1? And also how many people do I have to bite in the sleep to get to that level? I’ve being frustrated with this crap for few weeks now, and finally gave up and decided to look on the net for the solution. Thanks.

  35. Quinne says:

    So if you are a werewolf, can u turn into a vampire? Like forcefully? Cuz’ I’m a werewolf but I don’t know if ill get turned into a vampire if I get bitten.

  36. Ablabla says:

    I had the same problem with him not offering to cure i asked around some of the halls for rumors, at kynesgrove (south of windhelm) they mentioned falion and started the rising at dawn quest. Now cured and back to playing normally

  37. Leon says:

    does the person die after you’ve fed on them?

  38. JEREMY WELCH says:


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