Have Meeko the dog as your follower in Skyrim


Would you like a dog to accompany you on your adventures in Skyrim? You can in the form of Meeko the dog. Read on to find out how to take ownership of him and use him as your follower.


As you explore the forests of Hjaalmarch, you’ll come across a dog called Meeko. Follow him and he’ll lead you to a a new location called Meeko’s Shack. Inside the shack you’ll find a book to boost your Speech skill and the corpse of a Nord male. Read the diary nex to him and you’ll discover that he was once Meeko’s owner, but succumbed to rockjoint and died. Who will take care of Meeko now? You can recruit Meeko as a follower and have him accompany you on your adventures in Skyrim.


From a practical point of view, Meeko is not the most useful follower in the game. He has an annoying habit of blocking the player quiet a lot by standing in doorways (but then all the followers do that sometimes) so you have walk or run into him to make him move. He’s also not much good in a fight, apart from as a decoy. Worst of all, he tends to activate traps, which can get him or both of you killed.


NOTE: If dismissed, Meeko will return to Meeko’s Shack, even if the character has purchased a house somewhere.


This video will show you exactly where to find Meeko:



13 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    I have not found meeko but i did buy a dog from a guy outside of the stables at Markarth. the dogs name was vigilance and was a really handy! he finally succumbed to wounds sustained while fighting an ice wraith. I havent been able to go back and see if i can buy another but i plan to.

  2. flipperman says:

    Watched Red Dog last night – now i want want my own, :-) thanks for telling me how to get one.

  3. Thorton Kiekegaard says:

    Is there anyway to equipt the dog with armour? Or train it in combat? That would be sweet.

    • SkyrimWalkthrough.net says:

      Yes it would, but alas, no there isn’t. At least not yet. Not until someone creates a mod or Bethesda releases some downloadable content that enables one to do those things.

  4. Shelldon says:

    i just checked my page and i got 600 views from this embed :D thanks to whoever posted this, you brought some nice viewers to my video

  5. Hakim says:

    my dog vigilance has died, so where came i buy another dog like vigilance?

  6. Sean says:

    i got meeko as a follower, but i want him to leave. any ideas on how?

  7. Adrian says:

    I just thought I’d point out that you CAN get an invincible dog. His name is Barbas, and he’s fairly easy to get.

    • SkyrimWalkthrough.net says:

      Yes but Barbas is a pain because he’s always bumping into you, which makes some actions difficult, like lying in wait for a few seconds with your bow drawn taking aim at an approaching enemy, and is especially problematic on the edges of cliffs. Some people find him useful though.

  8. mary says:

    thanks for the info i had barbas for a while but then i accidently told him to stop following me and couldnt get him back. can i get vigilance if i dont have any of the dlc?

  9. teddy the slayer says:

    i wonder that will be more skyrim in nest games on pplaystation 4 will be number 5 elder stoll 5

  10. teddy the slayer says:

    next game

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