Get To Level 100 In Skyrim Illusion Skill Fast!


This is a method of leveling your Skyrim Illusion skill very quickly using just one easy to acquire magic spell. Illusion magic is very useful for any type of character, and after doing this you’ll be a master of Illusion who can turn himself invisible at will!



First you need to go and buy a tome for the magic spell called Courage. It can be obtained from the court wizard at Dragonsreach in Whiterun city or from the College of Winterhold, as well as generally anyone who sells spell books. You’ll also be able to do this quicker if you activate the Mage Stone and receive its blessing before you begin.



Once you have obtained the Courage spell tome, learn the spell. Now you should equip the spell in both hands to make this faster. Find a guard in any city and start casting the spell on them repeatedly. They might complain at first but they won’t actually do anything as you aren’t harming them in any way. You will notice your Illusion skill increasing very quickly while you are doing this.



If your magicka doesn’t regenerate quickly, you can always set your character to wait for one hour and it will be fully replenished.


If you have any issues and need help please comment below or ask for help on the forum.


Written by: Luther


29 Responses

  1. Debbie says:

    This really works!! Iv been doing it for about 15 mins at a time and it is going up. I always look for a guard who stands still to make it easier. Great tip! Any tips for increasing destruction?

  2. Sam says:

    Here is also a good method for training Destruction:

    1.Go to Whiterun
    2.Go to the companions HQ(Just below the dragonreach palace.
    2.When you,re in go to the right and head downstairs.
    3.Go to the end of the hall and there will be two people sitting around a small table
    4.Talk to one of them.
    5.he will take you to the fighting area.
    6.When he says to hit him, cast your destruction spell you wish to use.
    7.He keeps saying not to use your magic.
    8.Keep casting your magic.Enjoy!!!

    He will have a couple of swings at you but if you cast a spell at him he will seathe his weapon,then continue your levelling again!!.

    • jon says:

      got a name? i talked to alot of ppl and i didnt find two guys sitting down. i am in the middle of companions questline. do i need to finish it?

    • Tim says:

      I do not recommend this at all. i tried this and it glitched the game so badly. Vilkas kept repeating phrases over and over and it wouldn’t let you continue and he would just try to talk to you and then attack you and then talk to you and then sheath his weapon. This works pretty well if you have no interest in the companions storyline but it will mess up Vilkas.

      • Fred says:

        That will pretty much happen anyway. Im not sure how far you are now considering this was over a month ago, but just clear all your bounties in ALL of the holds and he will stop.

      • Abbee says:

        this happened to me and my cousin and it was really annoying the keep talking to you while your in combat lets just say my cousin threw my Xbox controller

  3. Sam says:

    And he wont lose his health at ALL!!

  4. jon says:

    for training any such magic skill, i highly recommended that you use, archmage robe,Sayos Aren’s amulet and the mask nahkrim and also Gauldur amulet fragment. 180+ magicka boost and magick restores 100% faster and ALL spells cost 15% less.

  5. Chris says:

    I found that Muffle works even faster, and if you enchant a full set of Fortify Illusion and Magika Regen gear, you can dual-cast it almost as fast as you lose Magika. Got me to 100 in a matter of minutes.

  6. DarkStar says:

    I find that casting Muffle on the go is a great way to level Illusion. The Master spells are BEAST!

  7. Slartibartfast says:

    Once your illusion level is about 25 to 30, go to Farengar and buy an Illusion spell called Muffle. Using Muffle raises Illusion faster.

  8. starbust says:

    the fast way to level destruction is to steal a horse take him to a quiet area then use ruin on him get on him wait one hour then repeat

  9. Jay says:

    1. Level Alchemy and Enchanting to max
    2. Create potions and gear to max attributes
    3. Create Necklace, Ring and Circlet to to reduce the cost of Illusion spells by 29% each.
    4. Don a Master’s Robe of Illusion (22% reduction + 3x 29% = 109% reducing = free casting)
    5. Get to level 90 via the normal methods.
    6. Complete the Master Illusion quest.
    7. Get Harmony.
    8. Go to Markarth Inn at 8 pm (when everyone is there for dinner.)
    9. Stand behind the bar and cast Harmony.
    10. Level to 100, and legendary the skill.
    11. Keep casting, the first cast will take to from level 15 to level 47.
    12. Goto step 10.

  10. big balls says:

    To level your conjuring. To 100 get soul trap kill 1 thing then keep useing it wait 1 hour to make your magic increce

  11. Orc says:

    This works relly good. I casted the about 10 times and got three Illusion levelups!

  12. Chris Castel says:

    For destruction the easiest way is to enchant a necklace, a ring, a helmet, and body armor to 25% less magic energy used for destruction spells. That’s four items with 25% less each, meaning each spell actually won’t cost you any magic energy. Once you have those go complete a few tombs and such. Be advised you need enchanting at 100 to do this.

  13. the big man says:

    how do you get Alteration to 100

    • Kurosuke1337 says:

      Find a bear or any animal and equip the spells “Fury” and “Pacify” charge both, but release fury first, and then pacify. Be sure to back up as you are doing it because the bear can get a swing in every now and again. I got to 100 this way in less than 30 minutes.

  14. Alex says:


  15. Cody says:

    For alteration..find the spell tome telekinesis..go to the college of winterhold..then sit in the blue fountain at the quarters then grab something with the spell and don’t let it go. Your magic will never run out and you can do this infinitely..if you cant find the right spot in the blue pool keep can get to 100 in about 10-15 minutes

  16. Satish Kumar says:

    Pls send me the complete book many book i tried but in vain i am hopeless & hopping a good response from you for the completed magic spell

    Request you to pls send me immediately

  17. Sum1sGruj says:

    To level schools of magic and one/two handed weapons, get Shadowmere from the Dark Brotherhood. He will have a permanent punching bag that has a ridiculous amount of health and fast regeneration. Probably the most of anything in the game, honestly. If you do happen to accidentally kill him though, he’ll regenerate in a week at the small pond you got him from.
    This is the best way, because basically you can level your skills as fast as you’re character can allow.

  18. Damon says:

    You can also use the highborn power if you are a high elf so you do not have to wait an hour for all your magicka to regenerate.

  19. stewart says:

    complete dark brotherhood to get shadowmere then cast spells on him,if horse dies it respawns at sanctuary.

  20. Jeremy says:

    It needs to be at 25% per enchanted item

  21. Austin says:

    It helps when you have a ring with infinite magica

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