Get to character level 81 and skill level 100 in ALL skills in a few hours!


This guide will show you how to reach character level 81 and get skill level 100 in ALL skills in a single day. No cheats or hacks, just a glitch. Works on PCs and consoles! This is definitely one of the most useful glitches in the game for players who don’t mind exploiting them.


Before we get started, be advised that to complete the quest involved in this process your character must be at level 15 or higher.


Abeona GuideThis process is carried out using a book called ‘Ohgma Infinium’. This item can be obtained by completing the quest ‘Discerning the Transmundane’, obtained from a scholar near the city of Winterhold. This book will raise all of your skills in any one of the three categories of stealth, magic or combat by 5 points (when you go to read it you will be asked to select from the options: The Path of Shadows, The Path of Magic or The Path of Might), but we’re going to show you how to use it to get all of them to level 100. If you happen to already have the book and have NOT read it yet, skip to step 5.


Step 1)

Fast travel or take a carriage to the city of Winterhold. Once you have arrived, head in the direction of the College of Winterhold, but instead of heading up the ramp leading to the entrance, head down the path to the right. Keep going down this path until you come to a river like area and begin moving across the body of water. Soon you should come across chunks of ice on the water’s surface forming a path. Head across this to the north. Sometimes you will have to swim. Eventually a symbol will appear on your compass; head towards it.


Step 2)

You will eventually arrive at a location called Septimus Signus’s Outpost. You should see a wooden door in an iceberg. Go through it and you will meet a man inside who happens to be a mad scholar. Talk to him, accept his quest and take the two items he gives you.

Be aware that this quest requires a descent into a dungeon that can be very challenging if your character is not reasonably powerful. It might be a good idea to go back into the city and stock up on some extra health potions or useful magic spells.

Follow the markers on your compass or map (make sure to enable the quest in the journal for them to appear) to reach your objective and charge the Lexicon Signus gave you.


Step 3)

Once you have the charged Lexicon, head back to the outpost and speak to Signus.

To continue past this point, you must be level 15 or higher.

You will now need to obtain blood from the following races: High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Falmer and Orc. You can obtain Falmer and Orc from the dungeon you were just in; the Orc’s body is found in a pile of rubble in the twisting/descending staircase part of the dungeon before the fire trap.

You can obtain the blood samples from any individual in Skyrim who is of one of the required races. The easiest way to do it is to simply kill the appropriate civilians in their sleep. If you’re not that kind of character, the Elves you need can be found all over Skyrim. Serpents Bluff Redoubt has a Wood Elf there. Numerous Dark Elves can be found among groups of bandits. If, like me, you hate the Thalmor and don’t mind killing them, their embassy can be found in the mountains near Solitude in the West of Skyrim. Plenty of High Elf blood for the picking. There is also the dead body of a High Elf in Pinewatch, near the start of the dungeon.

If you would like any further advice about obtaining the blood samples please comment.


Step 4)

When you’ve obtained all the blood samples, head back to Septimus Signus’s Outpost and speak to Signus one final time to complete the quest. When the conversation with Signus and the Daedra that appears during this sequence is complete, you will be in possession of the book ‘Ohgma Infinium’. You NOT read it yet. Proceed to the next step.


Step 5)

Take the book to a container/sack that will not constitute theft for you to remove items from (if it does it will say ‘steal’) and perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Open the menu for the container.
  • Scroll down to your inventory’s books section (that’s your books, not the container’s).
  • Read the book to activate its effect.
  • DO NOT close the menu.
  • Place the book in the container.
  • Take it back out of the container, selecting: “Do Not Read” from the options you will get.
  • Rinse and repeat without closing the menu.

If this does not work, try it this way instead:

  • Go to a bookshelf.
  • Press the button to interact with the bookshelf.
  • Read the book, which is in your inventory, and close it before the path options appear on the screen.
  • Hit the button to store the book immediately after picking your path to place the book on the bookshelf.
  • Take the book off the shelf, it doesn’t matter if you close the menu to take it back, selecting: “Do Not Read” from the options you will get.
  • Rinse and repeat.

The second method works on the latest patch: 1.3. Tested by Luther on the Xbox 360, 15/12/11.


This can be done until you reach level 100 in all skills in the game, simply by picking a different skill category (stealth, magic or combat) each time you read the book. Or you can stop once your character level reaches 81 (max level). It’s your choice!


This video will demonstrate how it is done:



Thanks for reading! If you need any help at all please comment or post in the forums. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Written and recorded by: Luther


115 Responses

  1. iqbal says:

    wre is serpent bluff?

  2. iqbal says:

    why it wont work for me?

  3. kan says:

    Does this still work for the PS3? First time I’ve done this and its not working. I downloaded the patch 1.3. Not sure if I’m doing this right or its patched.

  4. Lukas Burndred says:

    I fucking love this.

  5. Luther says:

    If it does not work for you and you have the 1.3 patch please use the second method which works on 1.3. I know this because I have used the second method myself on a 1.3 patched game, it worked perfectly.

    Make sure that you have not read the book before you start. If it isn’t working go back to where you first got the book and try again.

    • kan says:

      Hey Luther, thanks for your reply. I’m kinda confused on what needs to happen. Can you explain it a little bit better?

      *Open a bookshelf
      *Read the book, select eithe
      r option, like “Magic”

      *After all your magics go up, hit O (on ps3) to close the book

      *As soon as the book is closed, hit Square (on ps3) to store the book before the bookshelf menu appears. I kept hitting Square.

      *while on bookshelf menu, go to the bookshelf at the top then take the book. Rinse repeat?

      I did all that and when I go to take the book back, the book can only be read, no options to level up skills appear.

      Luther, on your steps, you put select “do not read” when I take the book off the shelf, if I take a book off, it just takes it off, there’s no options to choose. Please help. been doing this for days. Thanks

      • Luther says:

        Go back to a save where you haven’t read the book.

        When you open the book close it immediately! Before the options for paths appear.

        THEN select your path, so you will be able to see the inventory instead of the open book when the path choices appear. After selecting your path immediately store the book on the shelf.

        Take the book back off the shelf and select DO NOT read.

        Rinse and repeat.

        • kan says:

          Oh, this is a new technique but still doesn’t work for me.

          Also, what I don’t get is when you say Take the book from the shelf by selecting the DO NOT READ option.

          When I take the book off the shelf, i hit one button, then it goes to my inventory. There’s no options whatsoever when you TAKE something from the shelf to inventory.

          Anyone else got it to work on the PS3 recently?

          I’m wondering if I’m doing this and it’s already patched, so thats why it’s not working.

          been trying these methods forever.

          Luther, can you post a Youtube video and show us how? Greatly appreciate it very much. You’re awesome.

          • kan says:

            Nevermind. I got this to work. Finally. Thank you very much.

            I think you mentioned to not closed the menu, after you store it, you should close the menu, then just take the book, hit Do Not Read, then rinse repeat.

            What I was doing wrong was that I didnt close the menu so that the book will be in the shelf, then Im able to take it back and repeat process.

            Thanks a lot man

        • chip says:

          Hi luther, my name is chip and I was wondering if I can stop the rinse and repeat and do it at a later time also. Thanks man

    • riley says:

      81 is not the max level im 83

  6. Heed says:

    To Kan
    i couldn’t understand this to begin with myself. but hopefully i can make it a little clearer m8.

    when i did this it was the 1st time i had used a bookshelf and therefore there were no books cluttering it up to get in my way. also it was on xbox not ps3. so if i mention any buttons to press its the xbox equivalent.

    1. u have bookshelf infront of u and INFINIUM in YOUR inventory under books.

    2. activate bookshelf (this brings up the menu with bookshelf and all your shit)

    3. go to YOUR books and READ the INFINIUM, NOW u can select the path of might, shadow or magic. ‘B’ to close the book

    5. press ‘X’ to store the book (it is now on the bookshelf) ‘B’ again to close the menu and u will now be physically looking at the book on the shelf.

    7. now LOOK at the book on the shelf and press ‘A’ to read, this will give u the options again of do not read, the path of might, shadow and magic.

    8. at this point u press ‘A’ again to select DO NOT READ, the options across the centre of ur screen will vanish and u will be left with the options in the bottom left corner of ur screen press ‘A’ again to select ‘TAKE’

    9. now u are looking at the bookshelf with the ‘activate bookshelf’ msg on ur screen, now u repeat these steps.

    hints: as far as i know the timing betweem each of the steps does not matter at all.

    the main rules to follow are:
    ONLY ever read the book (and select the skills u want to advance) when u r in the bookshelf menu and u have scrolled down to YOUR BOOKS. U NEVER HAVE TO DO ANYTHING IN THE ‘Book Shelf’ section of this menu.


    Hope this helps m8 cos’ i’ve been typing this for ages trying 2 make sure its correct, all while i’m a bit drunk and bustin’ for a pish lol.

  7. Luther says:

    Sorry about the confusion with not closing the menu, you do need to close it after storing. I will have the article changed, again, my apologies!

  8. Jayray says:

    It’s patched tried everythIng doesn’t work nice try though

    • Luther says:

      It is patched, but the second method is a workaround.

      If going back to a save point before you got the book then trying again does not work you may have to give up. I have noticed that this doesn’t seem to work for some people.

  9. Alex says:

    Where can I find a wood elf? I went to Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt and looked EVERYWHERE, but can’t find a wood elf. I have the other bloods. This is driving me nuts, as I can’t wait to try this!

    • Luther says:

      Search all the bandits bodies around the area, if he isn’t there I would advise going to a town and killing a citizen, preferably without getting caught, and harvest their blood. Wood elves are the hardest to find from my experience.

      Try going to Liar’s Retreat, SSW of Dragon Bridge which is in the mountains by Solitude. That place has a lot of different races in it.

  10. Rorysman says:

    This technique works with keyboard and mouse for PC gamers. Here are the steps:

    1. (E) Activate empty Bookshelf
    2. Select Ohgma Infinium from your books inventory
    3. (E) Read book
    4. Click path Might, Shadow, or Magic
    5. (Tab) Close book
    6. (R) Store book on bookshelf
    7. (Tab) Deactivate bookshelf and keep cursor on book in bookshelf
    8. (E) Read book from bookshelf
    9. Click (Do Not Read)
    10.(E) Take book from bookshelf and repeat from step 1.

    I recommend saving at intervals since this process does take a fair amount of time. All skills increase to 100 with 81 character level. Do not hurry. These steps are not time sensitive.

    • scott says:

      After you do it a few times you get pretty fast at it i actually did it quick enough once to where i had 2 of the books which is pretty good in case you mess up

      • Luther says:

        You had two of the books? How did this happen? Being able to duplicate books this way could be helpful. The Ohgma Infinium is worth 2500, the duplicates could be sold for plenty of money.

  11. Caders says:

    Were in the game is there a shelf that gives u the option to use it all bookshelfs I come across only let u take books off of them none of which require a menu to open them pls help

    • Luther says:

      The majority of bookshelves in the game, I think it might be all, allow you to use them. You just need to approach one and put your cross hair on it until it says activate. If it doesn’t belong to you it will count as stealing though so be careful around guards. Find a bookshelf that allows you to take stuff off without it saying steal. When you activate a bookshelf a menu will appear, scroll down to the bottom to enter your inventory and go into the books section. Then select the book you want and it will store it on the shelf.

      • Mirec says:

        i have the same problem as Caders, cant find bookshelf that can be activated…
        Please give us one location, for example location of bookshelf from video ;-)

        • Luther says:

          The bookshelf I used in the video is in the top floor of the fully upgraded Solitude home, my house. You should be able to activate all the bookshelves, move your cross hair over the entire bookshelf, mainly down the left hand side to find the activate prompt.

          If your a thane of Whiterun you should be able to use the shelves in Dragonsreach.

  12. Dayne says:

    Ok ivee tried both and neither work i can only use it once then when i try it again nothing happens the book just vanishes and im on xbox some one help me please

  13. ryan says:

    So you cant do any of this if you have your own house with a bookshelf it doesnt seem to work in the house I own in whiterun any suggestions for bookshelves where this coukd work better?

  14. johnathon says:

    i cant find a book shelf… please help

  15. sung says:

    this is fun

  16. ryan says:

    I now have the arch mages quarters in winterhold as im now the arch mage and ive tried the container method numerous times all that happens is you level up once but you still have the book and if you try it again nothing happens it seems both methods have been patched now?

  17. ryan says:

    Its all good now managed to find a spot to do it and OMG it makes the game so much easier when you use daedric armour and weapons

  18. john says:



    LEVEL 81!! YAY

  19. Dylan says:

    Works in breezehome btw..

  20. Pierre says:

    Its not patched. The version I have is on the Xbox 360. I just got up to level 50 doing this and then I stuffed it up and read it not in the book shelf menu and it the book disappeared.
    Do it slowly and carefully and try not to preempt the buttons you push.
    It may take a while, probably about an hour.

  21. Bregan d'earth says:

    This worked for me in whiterun house u own. Spent two days trying to find a bookshelf to work. Gave up and saved money to buy the home and all the upgrades. Thanks for this. Chip to answer your question yes u can

  22. MIke D. says:

    Ryan-Where was the spot you found? I am using PC and I’ve tried the bookshelves in DragonsReach. I keep pressing ‘E’ when I get close to the shelves and nothing happens-only a clicking sound. I need a bookshelf that works…any ideas anyone???

  23. Prime says:

    This worked for me on PS3, only issue is not all skills reached 100. I only had the Stealth skills leveled to 100 Light Armour, Speech, Alchemy, Lockpicking,Pickpocket, Sneak. Magic and Combat skills did not level what did I do wrong? has anyone experienced same as me? looking through comments it seems am the only one that have experienced this. Any help pls

  24. steven says:

    The second method still works on ps3 as ive just done it. 1 you need to be in a house you own to use a bookshelf 2 it works like this:
    Go to the bookshelf and activate,
    in the menu what pops up go to books in your possession click read infagnium book
    As it opens press cancel
    Now you will have 4 choices leave alone, magic, stealth or power
    Choose one of these then place book on shelf and exit menu
    Next Look at the Book on the shelf(not in the menu) and press read book
    When the book opens choose do not read and take the book back into your possession. Then repeat from top

  25. Prime says:

    Ha !!!! found out what I was doing wrong, Selecting Path of Shadows levels shealth skills, Path of magic levels Magic skills and Path of might levels Combat skills. Am all leveled up now thanks

  26. Victor says:

    Does this work for PC?

  27. kan says:

    I think people are writing confusing responses here and contradicting with their language of whether or not menus have to be closed, etc, etc. I am using the PC and with the latest patch…this still works. But it only works THIS way for me:

    1. Any bookshelf, preferably one in your house.
    2. Follow the instructions for the 2nd method in the original post. However, with modifications:
    3. Active the bookshelf
    4. Scroll to your inventory and read the book, but hurry up and close it before the “Path” dialogue box comes up…the key here is you need to be BACK on the Bookshelf menu when the path comes up. Otherwise it won’t work. Choose your path…and then store the book as your pathing upgrades are loading.
    5. You can now close the bookshelf menu.
    6. Hover your cursor at the book but don’t active the bookshelf, just READ the book again, this time the path dialogue box shows up again and choose DO NOT READ. The book will still be open in front of you…take the book (whatever button is mapped).
    7. Repeat steps 4-6 that I just posted.

    The best way is to close that menu after the first time you get the path, after you’ve stored it…and then hover over it and choose “read” and when you get the path dialogue box…bingo…you’re good…just choose DO NOT READ and you’re on your way.

    The key here is people are not articulating the steps properly. I used all my save games trying to follow these steps and saving at various points. The sticking point was that I was NOT closing the bookshelf menu and then focusing in on the book to “read” it. Hence like everyone else, the “path” dialogue box never came back up so I also figured it didn’t work. But combinging the text from a few posters, I arrived at the steps I just posted and it works 100%.

  28. Kale says:

    Just got to level 81from level 15 in 2 hours thanks Luther

  29. Kale says:

    Also there’s a wood elf in the same dungeon as the dead Orc if ur interested in saving time. It can be found hidden down a small passage marked by a pool of blood. This way one only has to fast travel to 3 locations for blood samples instead of 4.

  30. lee says:

    hey this was working and it was ace up until level 42 and the book just disappeared?? wondering if you knew why and if i can do anything about it??

  31. Patrick Bobbitt says:

    Im so confused

  32. Damon says:

    Hey I have invested hours into this glitch, got the book (unread) and tried the bookshelf method in dragonsreach (i dont own a house) but the bookshelf WILL NOT activate. I have PS3, read alot of forums about this seems only answer anyone has had is that it works on ‘all’ ‘most’ or ‘some’ bookshelfs, well it works on NONE in my game.
    Question: if I buy a house, will the bookshelf ‘activate’ there?? or am I wasting my time. I think my version will have latest patch as my machine is online. I started the honeydew manor quest in riften but gave up when I realized I had to do 2-3 more quests after the skooma gig.
    Games getting gltchy now too… tempted to box it up and flick it off if I cant get anywhere with this…
    Thanks very much in advance to whoever can assist!


    • Luther says:

      Just buy a house and it will work, cheapest one is Whiterun.

      • Damon says:

        Ok thanks for your reply Luther, I now own Honeyside… but the only bookshelf in the place still wont ‘activate’?? there was a book and bucket on the shelf, and I even took them off to empty it. Nothing happens when I scroll my cursor all over the shelves!! I click the X button too but nothing!
        dam I reckon they have fixed this now, anyone else done it on PS3 recently??? Is there another option that works? I tried the container method, book disapears everytime. I’m about to give up and just read the book anyway.

        • Damon says:

          OK!! finally it worked. THE IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW: you need to purchase the upgrades to get a bookshelf which you can activate. (in honeyside on PS3 anyway…)

  33. steven says:

    Best place I have found all but the falmer blood samples is the outpost where u get transmute spell book

    • Elite HT says:

      Theres a ruin just west of dawn star. Fast travel to Dawnstar head west you will be attacked by a traveler and a Dragon by the first camp. Just past there You will come to a ruin called MZsomthing, all blood lines are found there accept Altmer. Just hit the embassy and kill the 3 outside. Done deal.

  34. JnrBlue says:

    Well I got it to work first time round, it took me 25 minutes to get to level 81 from 33, but just remember guys, spend your perks intelligently, as I didn’t and now I’m stuck with poor perks. + I also think once your level 81, you may aswell put your gameplay to novice as their is nothing else to level up and it will make the game allot better to play as a dragon doesn’t take 100 arrows to kill for example, it takes 10. Thanks for this Luther much appreciated!… *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

    • Luther says:

      No problem, I’ve been quite busy recently but I might be able to start writing articles again soon so make sure to check back!

  35. danny says:

    a free way to lvl up is go to greybeards use sneak and save then make sure he cant see u then stab him. he never dies and its free but dont let him see u ….hope it helps

  36. xxk1w1xx says:

    i may sound like a noob but what is meant by RINSE a item

  37. BNUTZ454 says:

    I did everything you said. It worked twice then i lost the book! It disappeared not in invitory ,on floor, its gone! xbox

  38. Gary says:

    Hey. I cant charge the lexicon. All I have are two buttons that ativate once the lexicon is in place on the right hand side & when i press them nothing happens, its still blank. What am I doing wrong? or have to do first?

  39. Colby says:

    I completed discerning the transmundane weekes ago and was never aware that you could exploit the oghma infinium. I searched the outpost again and my inventory and my chest in my house and cannot find the book anywhere. Is there any way to get the book again or do I have to start a new game to take advantage of it?

  40. Drayden Rasssa says:

    You have to click the second one until the third button unlocks, then click the next to lest button until the lest one unlocks, then click the last one until the elder scroll is produced. Go get the elder scroll and come back to get the lexicon cube. Then go to the glacier to start the blood quest.

  41. Jimbo says:

    when i went back to the cave to harvest falmer blood all the bodies had gone!
    i’ve got all the other blood groups but no idea where to find a nice fresh falmer to harvest!
    please help!

  42. Mikey says:

    Got the book, worked once, then the book disappeared! It’s just gone! Help!

  43. Frank Hughes says:

    My level is 100

  44. rob says:

    Yeah this works tried it today on fully updated game on xbox. I did it in the first house you can get in whiterun just go to your book self and do it there. In your items open the book and hit B really fast and then the button to store on book self you have to do it fast or it wont work. Then once book is on self just take it and repeat from your items. If you read it and choose skill befor its on book self the book will disappear. If that happens just load it back up from when you came into the house. I only used it to inprove some skills so this was really great.

  45. ElSnapitan says:

    i just completed the quest and i followed sigmus into the object and he he said only a book and turned to ash… there was no dialogue between him and any daedra and now my only option is to read the book. It is on the stand right now and I do not have the option to take it….only read…

  46. derrick says:

    does this work for the most current patch

  47. roman says:

    hey thanks for sharing this

    I have a major problem with my game and I don’t know know what to do.

    Every time I go in the water and start swimming, the game freezes. I can still hear the sound of the game but can’t do anything else with the controller. I have to manually reboot the PS3…

    Any help would be very much appreciated…

  48. I did it today with my XBOX 360 on patch 1.5 and it works perfectly!!

  49. tigersgrin says:

    I just tried this on my ps3 with the latest upgrade and it worked perfectly. A big thank you to everyone who worked at finding and refining and posting their efforts.

  50. Super Turtleman says:

    Did this last night on Xbox 360 (6/24/12). Works perfectly. Now level 81 with all skills at 100.

  51. Jax says:

    It works like a dream (if you use a book case) I did on June 30, 2012 on 1.5

  52. Noelle says:

    Just did this on 7/2/12 and it worked perfectly using the bookcase in Breezehome. Thank you SO much, most helpful tip to date.

  53. Aengleman2012 says:

    i can’t seem to find an orc anywhere. any help finding the blighter would be helpful

  54. yoyomcman says:

    where can i find falmer blood because the bobys are gone in the cave you had to go in….

  55. Adam says:

    I was doing the infinium book glitch at breezehome on the bookshelf and messed up/read it on the shelf and it disappeared.:( got to level 73 and accidentally autosaved bringing back up the menu screen. which overwrit my auto save entering breezehome. it was my only save with the oghma infinium. once used, is it forever gone? :( are there any other methods to gain it back. other than restarting a new game lol (I SUCK AT SAVING)

  56. raray says:

    i can’t find any bookshelf to use, could you help to find any of those? because there’s no ‘activate’ command there’s just ‘search’ command in all bookshelf, and when i try the glitch using a container it failed

  57. Slartibartfast says:

    My friend and I were doing the second method on his Xbox and the Oghma Infininum disappeared after he reached level 50 from level 28.

  58. Big Daddy Killer says:

    Im trying to do this and Just recieved the Oghma Infinium book. Im reading what you are suppose to do and everyone keeps mentioning a “patch”, what is this?

  59. rustyguy says:

    so i tried and it was working for like 3 or 4 levels but then the book stopped being readable. Any suggestions?

  60. Aengleman2012 says:

    it isnt working for me, either that or im a complete idiot

  61. nat says:

    Does it work with out Gavin the patch?

  62. neohazard says:

    Somehow, the glitch gave me two books…made it a whole lot quicker.

  63. neohazard says:

    If youre quick with getting the book off the bookcase as they appear, you can catch another glitch where it givea you multiple books (but be careful, sometimea thd books will disappear from the shelf and your inventory).

  64. kaak says:

    can any of you guy kindly help me with the exact location of the elves. haha. im lost.

  65. Daver says:

    Big problem! I picked up the Ohgma Infinium, but didn’t know to look for the Elder Scroll. So I never picked it up, went back to White Run and had some more adventures. Then discovered I needed the Elder Scroll and came back to the tower. But now I don’t have that cube thing and can’t reactivate the gizmo to reveal the Elder Scroll. Any tips?

  66. Paul says:

    Is this glitch still working? I tried it on a chest because when I went up to a bookshelf there was no activate button.

  67. Patrick says:

    This way does not work. I have tried it twice before and have never gotten past lvl 26. It levels all your skills but it its 5 points per read per skill for combat, magic or stealth.

  68. Lestat says:

    This method does indeed work on the 360 because I just did it again last night.

    To the poster above you can’t activate the bookshelf because you dont own it. You need to buy a house in at least Whiterun..Thats the easiest one to get.

  69. pickle says:

    I got this to work on the latest patch on PS3.

    I messed up a few times because I tried it with a different container–a wardrobe–and it only works with a bookshelf. So anyone who’s having trouble, keep that in mind along with what everyone else said above!

    Let me just say that again: THIS ONLY WORKS WITH A BOOKSHELF.

    • pickle says:

      P.S. If anyone is having trouble finding a Wood Elf, go to the Alftand Animonculory–there’s a side room that’s easy to miss where you can find the body of Endrast, a Bosmer member of the trapped party of explorers. It’s down a little channel that’s between two gate-like walls, and it’s early on in the Animonculory, maybe first or second room.

  70. ajohn says:

    anyone know if this still works at all

  71. arrow to the knee says:

    it won’t work!

  72. Heathl says:

    I did everything you said and it isn’t working. I have the ps3 with the most recent update. Has it been patched?

  73. Heathcliff says:

    Yes it has been patched, in the Skyrim: Legendary Edition update patch, I can’t currently find anyway to bypass it… Anyone find a way post on this site plz

  74. Devan says:

    Whats the fastest way to get to level 252?

  75. BlazeTheHellWolf says:

    Does is work on the Xbox 360 legendary edition update?

  76. BlazeTheHellWolf says:

    If it does please list how

  77. Fen says:

    No Blaze, this no longer works. It’s been patched. The speech trick in Riften has been patched as well. The fortify restoration potion trick still works though.

  78. wilbert says:

    i must be some special kind of stupid, i’m trying to work this but for some reason it will not do me any justice, I have a xbox and if i can get a simple step by step method using the abxy button method i would just be as happy as a webble loves a wobble. Or if any one can help me with this here is my number 706-315-0113 holla at a fellow gamer.

  79. Jake says:

    Is it possible to do this glitch after u have read this book and no longer have a save???

  80. Daniel Krosendijk says:

    The second time it doesnt give me the options when i read the book

  81. Geo says:

    So it’s patched on the legendary edition ??

  82. ian says:

    Ok for some reason it won’t even let me finish the mission he just says his lord wont tell him how to decode the lexicon!!! Do u have to be a certain level or far enough in the game or something?

  83. Krista fromjar says:

    So latest update on this works for twenty two levels then book disappears tried tweleve times different character every time

  84. Untoten says:


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