Get The Helm of Yngol from Yngol Barrow


One of our readers by the name of Stephan van der Merwe kindly emailed me an account of how he obtained one of the best helmets in the game from a dungeon he stumbled upon during his travels through Skyrim.


The item in question is called the Helm of Yngol. It is a heavy helmet of little weight, a high protection value, and carries and enchantment that increases frost resistance by 30%.


Here is his story:


Can’t remember how I got this marker to appear on my map, but I
Explored it.

Upon entry, follow the caves until you reach a hall with three pillars
and a throne, and a locked gate. In front of the locked gate is a dead High Elf. Search him and collect the book “Notes on Yngol Barrow.” In the book will be a passage about whale in the water, eagle in the sky and snake in the weed. The three pillars have corresponding elements. The pillar with water flowing
around it should be the whale (first on the left, next to the throne) the pillar with some plants around it should be the snake (opposite the water pillar) and the pillar with a hole above it reaching to the sky should be the eagle (opposite the throne). Flip the switch and the gate opens.

Follow the passage until you reach a chamber with a narrow stone bridge crossing a pool of water. Under the bridge is a chest with some goodies (I found a garnet and some gold.) Go through the door on the other side of the bridge, follow the caves to another door. Beyond the door is a short passage with a gate and another treasure chest, hanging moss and burrial urns. To the left of this
passage is a chamber with some snowberries and a dwarven great sword. To the right of this “sword” chamber is another passage leading to a another chamber. Watch out for the pressure plate just before you enter into this chamber. At the bottom of this chamber is a passage to the right with a puzzle lock, use the Corral dragon claw on the lock, with the rings set to snake, wolf, moth. Beyond this door, Yngol’s Shade appears. Dispatch him and loot the chamber. Take the “Helm of Yngol” from the skeleton sitting on the throne in order to open the gate out of this chamber.

Climb the stairs and exit to Skyrim.

The entire cave, there were some strange lights that followed me, they got more and more as I progressed, but they don’t harm or attack you.


NOTE:  I have looked into the dungeon and the item in question, and I would advise anyone who is interested in obtaining the Helm of Yngol to go there and do so before undertaking the Dungeon Delving [Winterhold] quest for the Jarl of Winterhold, for the reason that that quest will sometimes send you to Yngol Barrow and replace the Helm of Yngol with the quest item you are tasked to retrieve for the Jarl.


If anyone else has discovered something in Skyrim that they would like to share with the other users of this website, you’re welcome to get in contact with me. If what you report is accurate and useful, I’ll publish it.


14 Responses

  1. KINGZOF KINGZ says:


  2. Stephan van der Merwe says:

    Sure, it is to the north east of Windhelm, accross the river. the symbol reflects a Nord Burial Chamber on the map/compass

  3. Maxious says:

    The back gate to this place seems to be locked. And the button in the room won’t do anything. My gaming seance is tingling and it feels like their is a dragon voice here somewhere. It feels like their should be. But I can’t find it. Also when I kill the drough lord their is energy comming of the top of his head like he’s absorbing a word.

  4. Schread says:

    lol,good thing some1 mentioned where the actual place is at.

  5. ELaD 311 says:

    Thanks …..that worked great!

  6. Joyce says:

    where can I find the coral dragon claw?

  7. hayden says:

    in winterhold from the shop keeper joyce

  8. Derp says:

    Derps Tha Herps

  9. Jamie says:

    “yngol” or “yngvol”??? there is definetly an yngvol barrow but never seen ynol….

  10. Jamie says:


  11. Tom says:

    I robbed a courier of a note and found a quest to get a steel battleaxe of fear. Upon walkthrough of the barrow I found a coral dragon claw sitting on an altar. After passing through the chamber of stories I beat the drauger overlord and retrieved the Battle Axe Of Fear out of the unlocked chest. Could not get past the gate as the button was frozen and could not retrieve the helm of yngol even though I could see it on the draugers head. The strange aura eminating is from the helm itself and has nothing to do with a dragon shout. The helm can only be retrieved once the quest has been activated or you’ve reached a certain level.
    well thats how it is on the 360 version

  12. Hayzlit says:

    I have this helm as well. A good thing I didn’t disenchant it.

  13. konker says:

    had the same problem and follower had the quest items in her inventory for some reason hope this helped!

  14. jrossi says:

    I stumbled upon Yngol Barrow after wandering out the doors of windhelm and turned left heading out that way…I was currently at level 44 I went in the door no problems..some really cool blue orbs followed me around and kept me company but after I picked up the helm off the skeleton just after defeating the dragon priest ghost the “orbs” disappeared?? I dunno kinda strange but no probes with doors not opening at all I had the claw to begin with…and the puzzle was easy to figure out as the dead body on the floor contains a book that basically tells you the code for the door….hope that helps -jennirossi

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