Get high level Sneak, Pickpocket and Speech skills quickly and easily


Here are some techniques that will allow you to quickly and easily achieve high level Sneak, Pickpocket and Speech skills. Very handy if you’re a stealth/thief type character and enjoy playing the game like that. All these can be done early in the game so it doesn’t matter how high or low your character level is.


Easy level 100 Sneak skill

Leveling a skill to 100 would ordinarily take dozens of hours of natural gameplay, but if you want you can actually do it very quickly at the beginning of the game. As soon as you enter the city of Whiterun, find the second guard barracks. It’s not the one across from the blacksmith; it’s the other one. If you’re having trouble finding it even after filling in the city map by walking around everywhere, then you can get there by saving the game and getting arrested, then breaking out of prison and the building you exit from is the one you want. Make a mental note of the location, reload the game to before you got arrested and go there.

Upon entering the barracks, use the ‘wait’ feature until the time is gone 10pm, then make you way to the guard’s sleeping area at the back, activate your crouch/sneak mode, and simply sneak back and forth without doing anything. There will probably be two guards who don’t go to sleep and will detect you when your Sneak skill is low, but they don’t attack so it doesn’t matter. Just by moving back and forth like this you will begin to rapidly increase the level of your Sneak skill. Soon you’ll be so good at it you’ll be able to sneak right behind the guards and they won’t even know you’re there. Eventually your Sneak skill will be high enough that you will be able to leave and play the game normally as a very good stealth character. Or you can stay until you’re at Sneak level 100.


Rapidly increase Speech and Pickpocket skills

One of the lower perks in the Speech skill tree is the ability to bribe guards, which saves you from jail time for any crimes you happen to commit. Once you have this perk, there is a way that you can also use it to level up very quickly. Immediately go around pickpocketing people. It doesn’t matter what you take, as long as the steal is successful you’ll gain points in your Pickpocket skill. When you get caught, make sure your weapons are sheathed and just wait for a guard to arrive. Given the option, bribe them to look the other way. Unlike persuade and intimidate, this speech option will never fail, and will give you a big boost to your Speech skill points.

You can’t do this in the same location over and over again, however, so you have to go around various cities, towns and villages leveling up your Pickpocket and Speech skils, then eventually circling back around and doing it all over again.

A higher Speech skill will allow you to get much better prices when buying and selling from merchants and sell any type of item to any type of shop. A higher Pickpocket skill will allow you to steal some very valuable items – if you’re that kind of character – and deprive potential enemies of their weapons before they turn hostile.


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  1. S.rinaudo says:

    Another real easy way of boosting you speech up is by going to The Black-Brior Meadory in Riften and talking to the guy there and asking him about Black Maven, or whatever her name is, then it will go to an option to persuade, click that and then just repeat it. You don’t even need to move the cursor to anything else just keep hitting A to choose that option (obviously the butting to choose is different on PS3 and PC) I got my speech up to 100 in about 30 mins.
    P.s I think you speech needs to be over 25 to persuade, but not entirely sure

  2. says:

    Wow. That’s a great tip. I will probably post a new article with this information titled: ‘Get Speech skill to 100 in 30 minutes’ – thank you for sharing this.

  3. thebulk says:

    another easy way of gaining sneak in the guard barracks is to just sneak against a wall use a corner so you dont go anywhere and use something to hold your controllers thumb stick down and go do somthing else let the levels build

    • Axcend says:

      You can bot this with a small heavy rock for your keyboard if you are on PC. Or if you are like me and play on a console, you can rig up a rubber band “ultimate botting tool” around the walk thumbstick and just point it towards any wall/item to walk in place.

  4. MJ says:

    Easy way to increase sneak is to go visit the Greybeards and just sneak around behind them, sneak-attacking them. They will never die, always forget you are there and only once in a blue moon get mad and fight back. Go sneak to 100 quite quickly.

    • MaccyD says:

      do it to ralof at the start of with the dagger the game once you have the key but before you unlock the door , he just sands there and never fights back, it also boosts your one handed

      • Kaaukai says:

        Another good spot early in the game is when you are leaving helgen with either Ralof on Hadvar and you come across the bear while in the caves. Do it right and you can get them trapped against a wall and they will not move. As mentioned by MaccyD you can also level 1 handed as well as 2 handed, and archery even all to 100 giving you 4 skills (including sneak) before you get into you first major fight. The only problem is that most enemies you run into will be your level equivilent but your weapons will not be leaving you in some hard fights until you get some decent weapons.

  5. Chilltime says:

    Best way to up your pickpocket and lvs in general is to train on something then save pickpocket the trainer and repeat go me to lv 23 in an hour or two just kept training and pickpocketing back my money back lol lv up pick your attribute to up repeat haha ;)

  6. GreyMatterStew says:

    One sure fire return on your investment, getting your trianing payment back, is being trained by a follower. Faendal in riverwood, for example.
    1 talk to him and get the fake letter from Sven
    2 take the letter to Camilla at the Riverwood Trader
    3 go back to Faendal and tell him the deed is done
    4 now when you talk to him, you can make him a follower
    5 once he is a follower, you can ask for training in archery. get as much as you can afford or as times as you can per level
    6 back out and choose trade some things with you
    7 when he says, “What do you want me to carry?” respond out loud, “Really, it’s more what I DON’T want you to carry,” and then giggle.
    8 you will see the gold you paid him in his inventory. Simply take it. Viola!
    You can switch back and forth between Train and Trade as many times as needed without leaving that same conversation.
    Idk if their are other follower/trainers. Faendal is the only one I’ve found at this point.

    Please note: step 7 is purely optional, but does make it a bit more entertaining… For a while. When it gets old, just skip to step 8. I know, sanity runs in my family… Runs out!

  7. Justin says:

    To level up pickpocketing is easy. Take as many of the first line of perks as you can. The lower the value of the item the easier it is to pick, but also the lower the weight. Go around and pickpocket jewerly, since it is extremely light and almost everyone has some. It only takes like 30 to 50 minutes to do.

  8. austin says:

    Actually the easiest way to level up is parthanaxx after u find him u cn go behind and keep attackingvwith one handed weopon while sneakeing and level up the first 20 times with one hit…..b4 doing that buy or have plenty of arrows and a mace or a 2 handed weopon he will fly up a few times but if u attack enuff jus like any dragon he doesnt fly off when week and doesnt die so use all them then if u do all it takes 3 hours including ur destruction but each on will take 20 to thirty min. Sneak took be 12…. good luck

  9. Abbie says:

    Really good answers thanks

  10. Abbie says:

    There’s also another way to get 100 sneak:
    Note this is before you get your armour for the first time with Hadvar.
    Grab the sword that’s on the rack by the chest.
    Crouch behind Hadvar when he gets to the gate.
    Attack him once.
    Wait till how health regains and his name with the health bar disappears from under your mini map.
    And attack him again.
    Repeat the 2 previous steps and bam, should level up each time.
    Also iv only tried with Hadvar.

    • PoOLilys says:

      you can do this as well when your with either of them is when you face the bear hide by some rock untill the bear falls asleep (if it bakes up) then sneak behind your mate and 2 handed power sneak attack and get a level a time up to 50 twise upto 75ish 3-4 the rest. 30min to 75 45 to 100!!!

  11. Elder~Geek64 says:

    I found that in the theives guild after you bring back the eye crystal thing to Delvin it appeares on the shelf behind Mercer fray’s desk(of course Mercer is dead by then). pick it up and sell them both to the fence(you only give one to delvin so you don’t have to go get it off the shelf cos you’ve got one in your bag)then get them from the fences chest(if u know how to get to the fences chest in the glitch with the plate on the wall thing.)If you don’t know the wall and the plate/bowl glitch look at my next comment.

  12. Elder~Geek64 says:

    The glitch with the plate/bowl is simple.Just follow these steps:
    1.You need a wooden plate or bowl(actaully platters work best.)
    2.Go into the ragged flaggon and stand with your back facing the bar then go on the left to the second column or the first one after the one with the torch on it.
    3.Drop the plate/bowl/platter on the floor and pick it up by holding A so it doesn’t go into your inventory.
    4.Make sur the bottom of whatever your using is facing you then walk towards th column so its pushed against it.
    5.Walk into it and… TADDA!! it may not work the first time but keep at it cos it hasn’t been patched.there are about 5 to 6 chests in there with some useful junk in em but one of em is called the fences chest.go to that one and look inside your eye thing shoud be in there.and even though your stealing it from here she is a fance so u can still sell it back!.remeber while doing the glitch you are under water so you will have to pop you’re head up every now and then to get some air.sometimes you will start to drop very fast but dont panick!! it will just stick you back in the ragged flaggon.Note:this doesn’t always work on all walls but you can use it on alot of thin walls with a clear space behined them.Oh and one last thing…ENJOY YOURESELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kroening says:

    at the beginning of game choose to go with the Imperial instead of the Stormcloak. when you get inside do not get the items out of the chest and do not open the door instead grab a sword of off the wall getting to the crouch position and simply sneak up behind the Imperial and backstab him.I got my seek up to level 100 before I even left helgen. you can also do this for the one handed perk I also got my skill to level 100 before I left helgen. and last you start out usually with the fire magic skill well I set the Imperial on fire took me forever but I also got the skill up to level 100 so basically I mastered three skils before I even left helgen. just remember to not grab the gear out of the chest that will automatically make the Imperial open the door and you lose any chance of the previous statement so good luck it worked for me I hope it works for you.

  14. Brian says:

    Here is a way to level your conjuration. Kill any animal, then cast soul trap on it continuously. You will gradually get to 100.

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