Get free high level Archery training


This useful technique apparently allows your Skyrim character to get trained to a high level in the Archery skill and consequentially gain several character levels and perks at almost the very beginning of the game, all without losing any gold whatsoever…


Got to the town of Riverwood and do the side quest about a love triangle between Sven, Faendal and Camilla. If you help Faendal, he’ll become available as your follower.


If you find yourself not wanting to help Faendal because you think that what he asks of you is underhanded and unbecoming the type of character you want to play, you can achieve the same outcome by going to Sven and accepting the same task from him, but then doing the other available course of action, which undoes Sven’s scheme and earns you the gratitude of Faendal and Camilla, and makes Faendal available as your follower.


Faendal is able to train your character to be better in the  Archery skill. Buy all five sessions of training (you can only buy five training sessions per character level), then speak to him and say you need to access his inventory (the “I want to trade some things with you” follower dialogue option). You’ll find that whatever sum of gold you paid to him for the training will be in his inventory, and you can just take it all right back.


Each time you gain a character level, buy another five sessions of Archery training from Faendal and do exactly the same thing with the gold in his inventory, and you’ll soon develop your Archery skill to a high level, especially as you gain character levels quiet quickly in the early game if you advance skills through training sessions. Remember, however, that Faendal is only a Journeyman Archery trainer, so he can only train you up to level 50 in that skill.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can also go to riften, join the thieve guild and then train from the guy in the guild. You can then pickpocket him without penalty. It is easier to do when he is sleeping, so do it at night

    • skyrim glitch says:

      At the begging of the game rolaf is essential so you can hit him all you want and get experience. To keep him in the same place for a long period of time grab the key from the girl captin and he’ll wait untill you unlock the door

  2. maniek says:

    Even quicker use quick save and load and after each lession with Faendal still money of him gain thief perk as well. simply quick load if he seen you
    will take 15 min byu Faendal can not teach higher then 50 lvl archery if you wont higher go to thiefs guild for it as wellas sneak and lockpick

  3. andrew says:

    can you do it even after ur’v helped sven ?

  4. Daylon says:

    Do the companions quests. Get Aelia as a follower and she trains you to master. Even better. Almost all companions train you to master in all combat skills. -D

  5. Daylon says:

    oh and I got a list for all skills.
    .Sneak:go to whiterun during day. go to dragonsreach, go upstairs while in light armor, then go through the door frame then run in the corner.(this takes a while but is worth it as npcs will not notice you when you murder people in front of them, if your high enough and your crouching.

    both armors:This is the easiest thing to level up but do it after you get combat skills up. Go to a very weak bandit or animal then just let it hit you.(this works with the block skill too)p.s. turn difficulty to very easy

    combat skills, just the companions.

    speech: get your speech to 25 or close to there, then go to the guy at the bunkhouse in riften then just keep doing the speech. Very fast.

    im not gonna do magic but for conjuration just conjur then wait,destruction just go find a mammoth hit it run into a place he cant hit you then just turn difficulty on very hard then just keep hitting it.

    lock pick: sorry but i dont know anymore. -DS

    • asdfff says:

      actualy no, better is go high hrothgar and sneak attack greybeards u with an iron dagger u can get it to 100 in like 10 mins.

  6. neil k says:

    to upgrade block when your strong enough to take on a giant run to one of their camps and kill the mammoths to get him to come for you ( make sure you have a lot of magic potions ) hold the block button and when he attacks you’ll go up a level every hit just heal yourself inbetween attacks and use magic potions when necessary. This should get you to level 50 easily.

  7. Blake says:

    When you start the game just go through till you get to the bear it doesn’t matter who’s side you chose just turn around after he gets done talking about the bear then go to the end of that little cave you just came out of before you get to the bear get behind him then just pull out a dagger and go into sneak and just hit him over and over again he’s essential so he wont die just hit him till he goes down then start over again it takes about 45 minutes till an hour but if you do it right you’ll go all the way up till level 18 and your sneak skill will be 100

    • Hent says:

      fast way to get them back to full hp. worked on hadvar unsure if it will work on rolaf. once the get low hp and they kneel down get in position for another sneak attack. when they stand up they will back up a few steps. hit them with a sneak attack while they are backing up and their hp will go back to full. then just keep hacking away :)

  8. Someone That Needs Help? says:

    Ooops… I Kinda Killed Him LOL! Is There Any other Way..?

  9. Skyrim4ever says:

    Why wont faendal train me in archery

  10. Iulian says:

    You can also try with Aela who offers archery trainning in Whiterun as a companion.

  11. Ash'dar says:

    Another really good way to train archery early in the game is when you have to go speak to the people who teach you how to use the voice. 1) walk into the temple and then crouch immediately, the main guy will walk down the stairs and look towards you but you’ll be hidden 2)just start shooting him arrows, your sneak and archery will go up and you won’t be attacked and his hp won’t go down. NOTE: this is only time this will be available, once you interact with the monks or mages or whatever their called everytime you come back and do this they’ll retaliate. Unfortunately for me I kind of did this by accident expecting them to attack me so I had a pretty limited number of arrows, but it did level me at least a few levels. My advice is to do this with as many arrows as possible in your inventory.

  12. Seth King says:

    I have 1000 iron arrows and 543 steel arrows and 20 glass arrows and 16 elvin arrows and 67 drawven arrows and 156 orcish arrows and 23 forsworn arrows same as the fallmer arrow and i have an glass bow an elvin bow, drwavin bow, long bow, hunting bow, and the bow you get when you join the theevis gilud and a orcish bow, forsworn bow, and last but not least a fallmer bow and i don’t use magic unless you cont shouts as magic because I don’t :D

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