Get Conjuration to Level 100 in Three Easy Steps!


This guide will show you how to increase the level of your Conjuration skill to 100 in less than an hour. All you need is the Soul Trap spell and a bit of time!



Soul Trap spell (necessary)

Blessing of Mage Stone (helpful)

Game progress to Whiterun (or somewhere else you can buy the Soul Trap spell)


Step 1)

To get the Soul Trap spell needed to exploit this glitch, head to Dragonsreach in Whiterun, and once you have entered the place head to the wizard Farengar’s room on the right. Ask him what he has for sale and buy Soul Trap from his book list. Go into your inventory and learn Soul Trap. Done! Now to the second step.


Step 2)

If you have already visited the Guardian Stones, you can fast travel to and activate the blessing of the Mage Stone as it will make this a lot faster. If you have any skill perk points available you should spend them on the perks Novice Conjuration and Apprentice Conjuration in the Conjuration tree as these will dramatically lower the amount of magicka required to cast a Conjuration spell. If you have novice/apprentice robes of Conjuration or similar items, equip these as well to lower the cost of the Soul Trap spell even further.


Step 3)

Almost done! Head out into the world of Skyrim and kill something. It can be absolutely anything, even a goat will do. After killing the enemy get out your Soul Trap spell and repeatedly cast Soul Trap on the dead body! Once you’re out of magicka, use the ‘wait’ function and select just one hour. Your magicka is now fully replenished! Resume casting!


Each time you wait you should gain a level in Conjuration up to about level 70 where it will begin to take about two sessions of casting. If you keep at it, it shouldn’t take any longer than half an hour to an hour to get to level 100 in Conjuration.


Got any problems? Need help? Comment below and I’ll help you out! Alternatively you can post in the forum for help.


Written by: Luther


33 Responses

  1. ostrichsteak says:

    BEAST! This is a great tip mate, took me a bit longer than the hour stated but went up to about 87 before I got bored. How did you figure this out?

    • Luther says:

      I’m a conjuror anyway, just casting soul trap and I missed! :L Hit a dead body and my skill went up. Experimented from there, and voila!

  2. james little says:

    side mission? blood on ice,i catch the murderer? i try to kill him he wont die in hjerim? what do i do?

    • Dylan says:

      Well, as for what you would do, talk without seeming to be a little slow 4 year old asking how to clean up his spilt milk?

  3. Arquidamo says:

    Man, could you plz figure some way to skyrocket in destruction school? I’d be grateful. tks.

  4. garrett says:

    get way to get up. mine was a bit longer but work pretty good to get to 100 too. do the steps one and two but instead of buying soul trap (can if you buy bound sword. then when ever you have that red dot on your compass showing an enemy. repeat bound sword cast. (note:you dont have to wait for the swords to actually appear in your hand. can cast,sheath,repeat.) i went up to 40 in a matter of 2

  5. killadawg says:

    Well sneak to 100 hit paarthanox while crouched

    • Gary says:

      Go with Ralof at the start and then loot 1 or 2 of the iron daggers dropped by the imperials and crouch behind him, and if you get in the exact right spot you go up by one because he doesn’t kill you and he doesn’t care. I was level 76 in stealth when I left Helgen Keep.

  6. utes says:

    Found a pair of Gaunlets of smithing + 15% took them to enchanting table, learned it. Then made a ring, necklace, and a pair of cheap Gaunlets that all have +25% better smithing. Then go find a potion of blacksmith to add +50% smithing for 30sec. Then upgrade all your gear for insane gear. Don’t forget the scales, plates or ingots needed to level your stuff.

  7. Kaosorer says:

    Just get rich first, buy iron ingots and leather strips and leather too, make hide bracers and iron daggers. Sell the stuff and repeat, if you’re out of leather; hunt, and mine for iron. If you level up, you should get a stock in the shop and repeat, to make it quicker use your stuff smithing=100 soon or 90 for daedric. Mine took 3 days to get it and I didn’t have your stuff

  8. andrew says:

    You can use the skill bound sword, and just dual cast it in the area of anybody, maybe even just in the open (never tried just standing in the open). But its super fast too.

  9. Drooble says:

    Don’t forget to Dual Wield the Soul Trap spell. It basically halves the time spent on getting to 100.

  10. damann526 says:

    It wont work!

  11. damann526 says:

    Finally it worked! :)

  12. Slartibartfast says:

    An easier way is to use Soul Trap on the cow in the Gray-Mane’s yard in Whiterun. CAUTION!!! If someone sees you, you will get a bouty.

  13. KovosHighelf says:

    Hey guys I just wanted to ask if someone here was a was a master in illusion, restoration, destruction, and conjuration. If so how did you get there and what is your psn account?

    • Ethan says:

      I’m master in illusion just learn the spell muffle and cast it over and over again. The spell can be found in the college of winter hold from the high elf in the hall of countenance

  14. Parker says:

    A way to skyrocket destruction is to constantly use sparks, flames or frostbite on shadowmere. It goes faster if you wear magika increasing items. I got to lvl 75 in like 35mins doing this.
    You can also increase archery really fast by using conjure bow and shooting shadowmere. Same thing goes for one-handed and two-handed.

  15. Will says:

    Illusion level 100 go to the college of winter hold an go Into the hall of countenance I believe, buy muffle from drevis the illusion teacher. (Preferably a Mage hood and robes of illusion) and crouch walk around the hall and dual cast muffle you should level up in illusion for every 2 muffles until level fifty rinse and repeat to 100 using invisibility later.

  16. alex says:

    can you help me???
    where is destruction school???
    where is illusion school???
    I,m level 62.
    I almost know all of skyrim,but I find,t find these schools!!!

  17. Dragonslayer Lvl 40 says:

    Doesn’t stronger beasts mean more XP?

  18. Lynette says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! I actually spent like 30 minutes after I equipped all extra magica items I had. Simple, fast and effective. Thanks for the tip!!!!

  19. cody says:

    If you kill a mudcrab,and use the soul trap over and over again, since the mudcrab can’t be soultrapped, you only have to kill once. Once you soul trap all ur mana, wait for regen, when you level, throw it all on magic. Got 100 in 20 minutes.

  20. codycody says:

    Oops, almost for got to mention. If your a high elf, use all of ur magic on soul trap, activate your high born power and keep shooting spells, don’t let your magic bar fill. If you do it will stop regenerating at super fast pace. Keep shooting spells. Should get you like 7 lvl in one go around under a minute before the effect wears off.

  21. qs says:


  22. Alduweener says:

    how do you get a high level in alteration

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