Get a Free House and Free Upgrades


This guide will show you how to get a house and upgrade it fully for not cost at all! Interested in getting the Solitude home (25,000 gold) for free? Read on!


You will actually need to possess the amount of gold required to buy the house; you won’t be spending any of it, but you can’t exploit this glitch without it. There are plenty of ways to make money listed on the guides section of our website if you need some more cash.


To buy a house, you need to be a Thane of the city in which it is located or have distinguished yourself within that city to the extent that you will be made a Thane when you buy a house. Once you have reached that status by carrying out quests in the Hold’s quest-line, you should go and visit the Jarl. You will find his/her royal steward somewhere in the vicinity of the Jarl; you must speak to the steward to buy the home.


Before you talk to the steward, however, you must first locate a container that does not say ‘steal’ (when you roll your cursor over it) and that is positioned somewhere where the steward will walk past at some point during their daily routine. When the steward is beside the container you have identified, you can execute this glitch.


First talk to the steward and select the dialogue that asks about the house. When the option comes up to buy the house, select that option and then exit the conversation, turn to the container and open it, empty all of your gold into the container, then continue speaking with the steward. You will now receive the key to your new house and you will still have all of your gold in the chest for you to take back!


Repeat this process again and again to receive free upgrades to the house.


Thanks for reading! If you need any help please comment or post in the forums!


Written by: Luther


26 Responses

  1. the don says:

    works fantastic on the ps3 cheers mate.

  2. michael says:

    does it work only in solitude or can i use it in another city?

  3. Schread says:

    that worked ey?guess ive to check it out myself then,thanks for the tips!

  4. Mr. Stabby McCutapunk says:

    Does buying a house and becoming Thane in Solitude align you with the Imperials in the Civil War, seeing how Solitude is thier stronghold?

  5. Roger Zampier says:

    How am I supposed to make it in Solitude since the steward stands still the whole time? And I couldn’t find any container near him!

  6. Otterbox says:

    For some reason I can’t get this to work for Xbox 360, I’ve been trying to do it in White Run. Am I doing this wrong?

    • Luther says:

      Make sure you are doing it correctly, the glitch isn’t patched to my knowledge so you must be doing something incorrect. Try again and if it still does not work reply and tell me what you are doing step by step.

  7. manda says:

    So i’ve done all the quests in solitude, and the steward wont offer me the house? All i need to do is drop off Torygg’s War Horn at the shrine of talos, but it doesnt tell me where to go or which one to go to.

    • manda says:


    • Luther says:

      You need to take the horn to be offered a house and the title of thane. Make sure the quest is enabled in your journal. If I remember correctly the shrine is to the east of Solitude and is in an overhang which is quite obvious when you come across it.

  8. Di says:

    Hi Luther,
    I have a question, before I try this. I’m currently a Thane in Whiterun and a house there only costs 5000 gold, which I plan to acquire using this method, but I want to know, can I become thane elsewhere and buy multiple houses Using this glitch? Or will I be stuck with just one house??
    If can have multiple houses, how do I go about getting them, exactly??

    • Luther says:

      You can still acquire houses in different holds and can still become a thane in different holds as well. You will just need to speak with the respective steward in each hold after becoming thane then perform the method as in the guide.

  9. zen says:

    Thx 4 tips now I kneed $

  10. Blake says:

    Hey Luther what’s an easy glitch to get 1 million dollars?

    • Someone says:

      U Cant Get Dollars :D
      Its Called GOLD!
      And Easy Way Is To Just Do All The Quests Given By Jarls Bcuz They GIve Some Ridic Money… Best One It Retrieving The Shield (cant remeber if sword?) For The Jarl In Markarth! Also If You Have Been Donating To The Preist In The Temple Of Mara In Riften, (Make Sure U Have A Few Lockpicks)Go Inside And At The Front Of The Alter There Will Be A Chest That Is Locked To Master. Pick The Lock And You Could Find Loads Of Money That You Donated. Also Dont Forget To Go Back To It ONce In A While…

  11. jason says:

    does this not work if you have already talked to the steward and asked about the house, came back later?

  12. missibex says:

    Got to love my free house but I payed for furnishings that’s okay I need to pay for something . But because of the free glitch I could buy my furniture . My hubbi moved in and is right at home . Just lovely .
    And hey the breezehome is just down from the market .

  13. Neo says:

    Do you exit out of the conversation when it gives you the option to respond “Let’s do it.” (I believe) or after he hands you the house key? If it’s after, then how do I get the money into the item, because he seems to instantly take it.

    • Invictus_80 says:

      I meant do you exit before or after selecting that option to finalize the transaction?

      • Invictus_80 says:

        Sorry, I had this posting all backwards. so when I select to talk to the guy who sells you the house in Whiterun, he seems to automatically instantly take the money when you choose the “Let do this.” (I believe were the words) option. So do you exit out of the conversation when it brings up the Let’s do this.” option BUT before choosing it, or after selecting it?

  14. Arne says:

    Great idea for someone like me on a first run through of the game, Thanks!
    Know just where to use it.
    That slimy Jarl of Falkreath! Can’t kill the SOB, so conning him out of coin is a second best.
    If only The Great Patcher hasn’t been at play!!!!

  15. Thomas c Radford says:

    Is there a way to make building houses cheaper

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