Duplicate Items Mannequin Glitch for Infinite Gold


This guide will show you how to duplicate items of apparel (clothes and armor) on a mannequin in a house you own as many times as you want. Got an expensive item? Why not duplicate it and sell the copies? You can generate infinite gold doing this.


Firstly you will need a home with at least one mannequin. A good home to have for this glitch is the Honeyside Manor in Riften. You can find out exactly how to get it here.


Once you have a mannequin, collect all the items of apparel you want to duplicate and make sure you have them in your inventory. Go to your mannequin and activate it. Place all the apparel items you wish to duplicate onto the mannequin but DO NOT close the menu after doing so. Scroll up to the mannequin and remove the items you have placed on it without closing the menu.


You now have the items in your inventory and the mannequin is completely bare. Exit your house, go back in again, and go activate the mannequin again. You will now find that your mannequin has all the items you placed on it originally and that the same items are still in your inventory. If you remove the items from the mannequin and leave and reenter your home again you will have a third set of the items.


For maximum effect, place your most expensive apparel items on the mannequin so that you can sell the copies. Good items for this are the hoods that the Dark Brotherhood gives you when you join them.


If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to comment on this guide or ask for help in the forum.


Written By: Luther


119 Responses

  1. Keith Layrd says:

    This does not work !

  2. amanda says:

    what is mannequin

  3. Kevin says:

    Manequin glitch does not work on 360.

    • Benny says:

      yes it does

    • Austin says:

      If I’m correct, it should run on the Xbox 360 unless you updated. If so, just delete the update data and don’t get the update and then do this, or take a flash drive and put the data up there and remove it before starting. Then just turn the Xbox off and replace the flash drive after saving.

  4. Kevin says:

    Doesn’t work for 360

  5. Luther says:

    I believe this may have been patched on 360 now but I have done it successfully after the patch. Entering different places and fiddling around whilst leaving one piece on the set sometimes works. The glitch now seems to be quite “glitched” on the 360 after the patch.

  6. Ben says:

    It definitely works. I just did it on 360 in honeyside with the mannequin to the left. copied all my daedric armour

    • Luther says:

      I also use Honeyside and have only encountered problems recently. I believe the glitch stops working once you start fiddling around with the armour type your duplicating, if you only ever copy one type of armour on a mannequin the glitch should work fine.

      If you run out of mannequins consider buying another house, such as the one in Solitude.

  7. Dude where can i even buy a house cant even find one!

    • SkyrimWalkthrough.net says:

      You have to go to the Jarl’s palace in the city you want to own a house in and buy one from his royal adviser. At least, that’s how you do it in Whiterun. I think you might also have to be an official Thane of the ruling Jarl in any given city before you can own property in that city, but again, I only know that’s how it was in Whiterun.

    • Kash says:

      there’s a house available in every Hold. The one in Whiterun is 5000 gold. u can buy it after u become the Thane (just kill the first dragon and speak to the Jarl) i assume it’s the same for all the others as well

      • yeah you go see the Jarl and you have to do some side quests. I am Thane in Whiterun and Makarth (love the house in Makarth) fixing to go check out Solitude.

        The dummy trick for duplicating armor works on 360 Kinect I ran across it by accident in Makarth and wondered what was happening.

        But I am a potion seller so I got all the gold I need. Good way to duplicate enchanted Dragon Armor though :)

  8. when u get this please reply to me i really need help on it and what do i have to do to get one i really wanna do this guys i need ur help i have a 360 and like 3000gold so…help?

    • Luther says:

      Go to Riften and go to the fishery outside, speak to the Argonian woman and do her quest. Now go talk to the Jarl and do her quests. Now buy the house from her steward for 7000 gold. Not all houses have mannequins for this glitch, Riften has the cheapest house that has mannequins.

  9. Adam says:

    It doesn’t work with me. I did everything it told me to. Don’t even tell me I downloaded the update. I don’t have it for computer. Too much hassle to download it anyway. Steam won’t leave me alone.

    • Luther says:

      I believe this still works with the update. Steam automatically downloads updates for you, you should let it. The patches fix a lot of stuff that needs fixing and I would recommend getting the patches after reading the patch notes to see if it patches any glitches you want to do.

      Download the patches then try again would be my advise.

  10. Althalus says:

    If you Duplicate the Ancient Shrouded Hood and Make sure that you have upgraded your first one to flawless/Legendary(going to upgrade one to legendary to test this) but if you have a normal ancient shrouded Hood and the upgraded as well as the shrouded hood from the Dark Brotherhood Quest line you can wear all 3 at once for massive Additional Bow Damage

    • Luther says:

      Sounds interesting, wonder if the circlet and falmer helmet glitch could also apply? Five helms with bow damage enchants would mean some seriously insane damage. I’ll have to look into this, thanks!

  11. Muley says:

    Tried this a few times now on the PS3, fiddling around with various armours and other apparel but I cant see where the glitch might happen, it seems too straight forward placing then removing the items. Just finished with the ochma infinium glitch though so many thanks for that one, worked brilliantly and saved the game from starting to drag a little. Great patience too mate I dunno how you do it!

  12. karl1113 says:

    this works weirdly for me on a ps3 320 slimline.
    first time all ok,return to do 2nd’ lot,and nothing happens,then leave town and return and the manikins have disappeared,leave town again and return,the manikins are back fully clothed and waiting for another go.strange?

  13. Tom says:

    Worked for me in wind helm!

  14. will says:

    do u have to own the house?

    • atcoss91 says:

      Yeah… go buy one.. or kill a guard, drag his body over to the Jarl’s assistant then say youre gunna buy it, but then drop your gold into the body real quick before he can take it, then you get it for free

  15. Linda says:

    I found if I ran over the bridge just outside to move my housecarl away from the door it worked thats on the ps3 :)

  16. henry wittich says:

    I’m trying to find the nightshades for the alchemist, any pointers on where to find them other than the merchants?

  17. ch1mpyk0n9 says:

    i bought the house in windhelm along with its armory. Then i fully clothed all 3 mannequins and tripled the amount of gain on the 360

  18. tigersmoonva says:

    It worked for me once on the xbox, my epic Daedric Armor, the copy was not upgraded (I did not mind). Though once I left the house, I looked and I as back to only one set of armor in my inventory. The copy was gone.

    Sence that try I can not get it to work at all.

  19. Skyrim Player says:

    Hey, for the house in riften, i did this like you saaid (full daedric armor) and i took it off like you said but then i went out the back door. Then i came back and it was all there. make sure you dont have your follower following you, that will mess it up. tell him/her to stay there while you are doing this. It works for me on 360!

  20. Blueyamguy says:

    It works fine, And mine is updated.Quick thing, Though, If you have something upgraded, using myself as an example, Dragonplate Armor (Legendary), When you use the glitch, The duplicated piece of armor is just a Dragonplate Armor. But still, Very cool.

  21. Skyrim Troll says:

    When you get the ebony mail Armour use that cause its worth 5000 gold and use the nightinggale boots you get from Karliha cause they are worth 5434 gold

  22. mxmskxm says:

    It works perfectly on 360 first time in solitude no lag no glitches and had followers so yeah solitude works

  23. CHAOSRULES says:

    I use the Honeyside mansion in Riften, works for me almost 98% of the time, best when i leave my follower behind , been Smithing the copies to legendary status and selling them off, just keep buying the ingots or ore needed to keep smithing and its a win/win everytime.if the shops or blacksmith run out of money just fast travel to another town or just wait the 48 hrs till they resupply. Nice glitch

  24. SCFirefox says:

    This glitch DOES WORK on the 360 presently (3/12), @ Proudspire Manor in Solitude.

    AND – here’s an added bonus to it for INFINITE GOLD!

    First – do all your tasks & become the Thane for Solitude. Purchase Proudspire Manor (this can be done FOR FREE for any house & furniture – research that online! – IT WORKS!)

    I currently have a complete set of DRAGONSCALE ARMOR. And I have the perk that makes my matched set of light armor weigh NOTHING. This comes in VERY handy!

    Learn how to do the Armor Duplication Glitch here @ Proudspire (works on BOTH mannequiens, by the way).

    I have duplicate sets of Dragonscale Armor on both mannequiens. Now since my armor is weightless – due to the perk, I can carry MULTIPLE sets of that same armor, that is also weightless!!! At least on the 360, since that armor is exactly the same set as I have on (without the upgrades, which you do lose in duplication), it is treated like your equipped armor.

    I’m currently carrying around 22 sets of that armor – because it’s weightless. So I can sell it at my discretion, whenever merchants have enough gold to purchase it. (Investor perk helps out here ALOT!)

    It works GREAT!! Sell off what you have, go dup some more, sell that off – Rinse & Repeat!!


  25. Garrett Arens says:

    I can confirm this glitch works for the Xbox 360. I duplicated my items on April 1, 2012 at 3:13 P.M. with all of the patches for the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim.

  26. Max Watto says:

    Does the glitch work on weapons as well? Just wondering if I can duplicate my Dawnbreaker

    • Elijah_22tobes says:

      If you have all three words for unrelenting force and before you pick up dawn beaker shout all the words at it 50/50 it dupes

  27. Bubbleguttz says:

    I think we all learned a valuable lesson….. Don’t buy an Xbox 360…. Works for PS3

  28. lepigpen says:

    Just did this on xbox in solitude… My mistake was leaving the menu so the things equipped. Dont do that. Just give scroll up and take.

  29. anonymous retard says:

    still works

  30. Skyrim God says:

    Not sure why, but I’m using the Masq of Clavicus Vile to try and duplicate it. I’m following the instructions precisely, but both times I’ve done it, it has not worked. My xbox 360 is fully updated. Help?

  31. JoelLutetium says:

    I had a glitch in my Riften home where I put a glass shield on one mannequin, and when I came back a while after, it was on both. I know I did not do it and forget because I only put complete sets on the mannequins. I had glass armor on one and nightingale armor on the other. Not sure if this is something that I can control and redo, but I haven’t had it happen again since.

  32. TEAMDELTA says:

    How do I get daedric armour

    • cdurkinz says:

      to get daedric armor, you must either raise your smithing skill to 90 and unlock steel, dwarven, orcish, ebony, and of course daedric perks in order to make your own, you can also acquire daedric armor using the atronach forge in the midden, under the college of windhelm, only after leveling conjuration to 90 and completing the side quest “Conjuration Ritual Spell” for Phinis Gestor, where you receive a Sigil Stone. Either way you’ll need plenty of Daedric hearts and ebony ingots, and a few hours of leveling.

    • Whore says:

      You gotta make it bro

  33. Whore says:

    Im playing on a 360, is this glitch patched?? I cant get it to work with my nightengale armor or anything for that matter. Any help will br much apreciated!

  34. john says:

    This glitch rocks! Can you do it for the clavicus vile mask or even better dragon priest masks?

  35. Gizmo says:

    This worked for me in Riften on both mannequins. PS3 just got the game yesterday and installed whatever updates/patches.

    • Gizmo says:

      Alright well it worked for me until I messed with what was on them, and now it just doesn’t work anymore.

  36. Jalen says:

    Okay I see all these recent comments about it working but I just tried it today (August 30) with both my Nightingale armor and Glass armor. I tried putting just one item on. Full set. Mix and matching. I’ve been doing this at my home in Windhelm with the three mannequins. Does it ‘Have’ to Be done in Riftin? I have all updates and can’t delete them or else it won’t let me play my saved game.

  37. Reaper12.0 says:

    For the comment about houses, you do 3-5 quests for the yarl (help the people in that hold), and you can buy a house. To be a thane you have to buy a house and do those quests. Best people to help in a hold are normally merchants and any advisors of the jarl.

  38. Reaper12.0 says:

    Oh and xbox is better than ps3 :)

  39. Jake Cole says:

    Confirmed, as of 9.11.12, with Hearthfire content and up-to-date patches. Worked at the LOCATION Lakeview Manor, Player-Buildable Home, after becoming Thane of Falkreath. Copied “Morokei” multiple times, The supposedly one of a kind Dragon Priest mask. ;D Worth 300 gold – Every mannequin is wearing it now lol.

  40. Dwarf says:

    To do this glitch you have to place it on the mannequin, take it and exit toe hold, not the house, at least thats the only way it worked for me.

  41. dany says:

    how can i start skyrim on my pc?
    i cant play skyrim yet

    • SkyrimWalkthrough.net says:

      Have you checked that your PC meets the system requirements for the game? Have you installed it yet and if so, did the installation complete successfully? You should be able to start the game by selecting it from the Programs menu in Windows or clicking its icon on the desktop if one is there. If you’re selecting/clicking and it isn’t running, and you know your PC meets the system requirements, then you should probably contact Bethesda’s technical support people or check the help section of their website.

  42. Roach says:

    Tried this on PC with 1.7 patch and dawngaurd extention and it did not work.

  43. Roach says:

    lol sometimes when i come back the manequins are suspended in air in various positions in the room hehehe…but still not duplicating my stuff

  44. Josh says:

    Does this glitch still work today and today i mean October 25 2012

  45. Derp says:

    I found out about this on accident with krosis and nightingale armor.

  46. Jtsav says:

    This did not work for me at ALL. I tried it before and after the update. Hasn’t worked once.

  47. AZWar1 says:

    try building lake view mannor near falcreath ive got a enchanters tower an alchemy tower .armoury and a smithy and smelter in the cellar all with manakins creating copies of full sets of armour:)and it worrks a treat

  48. dylan says:

    hey can anyone tell me how do i duplicate the writing’s on calcelmo’s stone in calcemos museum?

  49. John says:

    Did they fix this glitch cause its not working for me I had it working on my last game but I started a new one and no go

  50. viljo says:

    I’ve got it on 360 haven’t down loaded any updates but it dosent work for me

  51. billy says:

    I downloaded the up date and this glitch works great still best place to use is solitude there’s two dummys downstairs and I duplicated my dragon plate and dragonscale armor I used the darkbrotherhoods dummy for my dadra armor make bull bucks after up grading and enchanting the armor

  52. billy says:

    Look up the alchemy glich on utoob and you can make buko buks. On potions or enchanted armor also good way to become godlike

  53. Kenneth says:

    I cant duplicate my ebony mail, any ideas?

  54. s1NiSt3r says:

    kenneth are you patched up? i have not patched up, and i have duplicated ebony mail 30 times. thats 30 x 5000 bucks good glitch. duplicates rings/necklaces and circlets too. even when you have an helmet or shroud on

  55. Johnson says:

    How do you collect money from investing?

  56. Magnus says:

    It didnt work with Ciceros stuff!!!

  57. cat says:

    We have an xbox 360 but it only worked on my profile and not my fiances. Guess it just depends on if you get lucky or not.

  58. sarah says:

    Anyone still able to do this on xbox 360? Ive been trying the 2 mannequins on the 2nd floor of my lakeview manor home but it hasnt worked. Going to try the cellar now, trying to get gold to buy house in solitude and the skeleton has not respawned in weeks for some reason so im hoping this works! Please let me know if its working for anyone

    • Liquidd says:

      Yes. It still works. I just tried it 2 minutes ago after acquiring my house in Riften! Didn’t think it would because it seems too simple, but it did!

      • sum18mymuffin says:

        Well, if it’s the Xbox 360 SLIM, ALL glitches for Skyrim are PATCHED. However, my brother used the RIFTEN home and he got 10 sets of Nightingale Armor and 6 Masks of Clavicus Vile. So yeah, everything goes. WE HAVE THE ORIGINAL Skyrim, NOT Dawnguard, Dragonborn, or Hearthfire. Therefore, NOT PATCHED!!! XD

  59. Anonymous says:

    Great website thanks im making big bucks Im bookmarking this!!!!!

  60. Mr. White says:

    I did this on accident on 360. It still works.

  61. byram costley says:

    I actually did this accedentally before I found out you could do it so i googled up skyrim maniqeun glitch and saw it and now i have a shit load of worthless morang-tong assassins armor

  62. Dragur Death overlord says:

    Ok, I know this glitch but I started again and i’m lv 1 and coming up to 8000 gold. what equipment could I have to get lots of money cuz i’m using the sleeping tree sap and my spouse ysolda to get money and it takes a long time

  63. ShadowTheif says:

    Does this glitch work with nightingale armour because that is the only armour set that I can’t seem to do it with :/

    • sum18mymuffin says:

      It does work because my brother tried it with ALL the Nightingale armor and it worked. It might have patched for you, IDK.

  64. alex sacco says:

    Lol I randomly did this a different way I got like 100 of the same rings in 1 time

  65. James says:

    I put my morokei on the dummy and did what you said and it deleted my mask! I CAN’T GET IT BACK NOW!!!!

  66. Jayson Clark says:

    I can confirm that this does indeed work. If it doesn’t work at Honeyside Manor in Rifton, try Windstad Manor near Morthal.

  67. cheydihn says:

    Hiw do I stop it

  68. Adam says:

    This glitch doesn’t always work or completely fails to work with a lot of unique apparel. I can say this definitely works with Ancient Falmer Boots, Mythic Dawn Boots, and Ebony Mail but those three items are the only unique ones that I have successfully duplicated.

  69. sum18mymuffin says:

    IT WORKED!!! Also, the mannequin does not have to EQUIP the item for it to duplicate. You can put ALL your apparel items on there and it will ALL duplicate! XDXDXDXD!

  70. Sid Vicious says:

    confirmed September 3rd 2014
    I have 27 Nightingale blade
    put the nightingale blade in the box in the upstairs of the Lakeview Manor the glass case next to the queen size bed not just any random box I went down in the cellar but you can just go outside if you want go back inside and have your follower tell your follower by holding a to give me a command make your follower open the case take the nightingale blade and close the case exit out of the follower command leave your house or go down to the cellar your choice go back into your house and rinse and repeat

  71. Sid Vicious says:

    and after using the multiple follower glitch I have Cicero two Dark Brotherhood initiates Sirena my normal follower and they all have Nightingale blades and Nightingale armor going to try this with the nightingale bow as soon as I get stupid Karliah out of the water

  72. Sid Vicious says:

    on a different note can anybody tell me how to get multiple pets glitches with to work I got all the followers that I want but can I get multiple pets I mean aside from Barbas I mean I have 3 dogs right now I got me co vigilance and barbarous but is there any way to get more than that

  73. Sid Vicious says:

    also some penetrated my house and they kill both of my horses I had frost and my horse but I was able to buy a new horse however later on this stupid bar in my house is headed to attack me Andrea my steward who is also the house Carl of Falkreath decided to kill him but for some reason I’m not able to hire a new board too lazy to text right now and text speech to text is stupid

  74. Untoten says:

    Two questions;
    First,does this this work in SEVERIN MANOR(in Solstheim)?

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