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This has to be the best way to kill a dragon in Skyrim. If you can spare 21 seconds of your time, watch this video that some resourceful gamer added to YouTube showing their simple but devastating method of killing a dragon by knocking out a full half of its health points before it has even begun to fight you.


Okay, so the creature didn’t die and therefore he technically didn’t “kill it” exactly, but if the guy’s character is of a reasonable level for that point in the game then the fight’s more or less one with the disadvantage he’s inflicted upon the beast before it had even begun to attack him.


It is true of course that this dragon starts out in a stationary position whereas others begin a confrontation airborne. It would be absolutely fantastic if the fight had begun with the dragon in the air and when it had landed, the character had somehow managed to managed to hide himself from it – stealth? invisibility magic? –  and then gone up behind it, jumped on top of its head (or I suppose just to its wings, legs or ass would work as well) and delivered the critical sneak attack. Perhaps someone could even do that twice in succession and kill it like that?


So whatever other good ways you may have discovered of killing dragons that some people might find helpful, it would be great if you could let us know by commenting here or posting on the Skyrim Dragon Killing section of our forum. Weapons, tactics, magic, anything would be great. You never know when something you know might help someone else.


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  1. GodLikeDevil says:

    For those sneaks with the x 15 backstab damage perk with daggers, aim to also get the Shadow Warrior perk on the Sneak Tree. With this perk, you can potentially backstab a dragon in its face during a head-on fight.

    See, the description of Shadow Warrior is bit misleading. Sure you can use it to run away, but if you watch how the game implements the perk, when you are in a fight and you crouch, you go invisible (and thus hidden) briefly for a second or 2 before you get detected again. You could use that to run away, but remember that when going from the “hidden” to the “detected” state there is still a brief window that you are hidden (even after the eye opens), and in that time, you can pull off a sneak attack. If it does not work the first time, crouch again, attack, stand, crouch, attack, until you get the sneak attack for massive damage.

  2. Sergetn Fire66 says:

    i found early on and even a little later with desent destruction leveling up as you go along to each dragon you can just use fully charged fire bolts, which im pretty sure i bought from the only wizard in the city the companions are in. it was pretty cheap so i also bought the quick heal book so whenever you get hit by the fly by fire as it says you can quickly heal. aside from that just buy fire resistant potions you take vertually no damage from dragon fire.

  3. Rob says:

    Someone help me… I bought the house from dragons reach and can’t find it. I’ve checked the map and went door to door and now the guy I bought it from keeps asking about buying furniture for a house I can’t find:-(

    • says:

      You’re talking about the house you buy in the city of Whiterun right? I had exactly this same problem myself when I first played the game. It’s close to the main entrance gate on the right hand side of the road as you come up toward the center of the city from the gate. It’s the next one along from the Warmaiden blacksmith as you move up the road. Its marked as Breezehome on your map.

  4. Caitlin p. says:

    Help me I can’t get a dragon out of the sky I’ve tried the only shout I have and he just won’t come down =(

    • says:

      As I understand it, a dragon will only land and engage in close battle with your character if you are standing in a fairly open space. Are you fighting him on a rocky mountainside with narrow walkways? Move your character to somewhere like a clearing where there is space all around you. Recall your first dragon kill outside of Whiterun; that battle took place on a stretch of open ground centered around what was a watchtower before the dragon destroyed it, and that one landed on the ground several times during the battle. Whatever dragon you’re trying to coax onto the ground, make sure you offer him the opportunity to do so by standing relatively still in an open space. Don’t sprint around or he’ll just concentrate on pursuing you and circling overhead like a waiting vulture.

  5. Jon says:

    i am still new to the game havent spent much time in it yet, but i did Slay a few dragons. The way i find it easier is to find a pillar to hide behind or any rock formation, use my Time stop shout and shoot arrows at the beast then hide back behind the cover. This method has proven to be sucessful even with no combat skills or magic items.

  6. Andy says:

    My specialization is One-handed, Heavy Armor and Smithing.

    I kill dragons easily with dual-wielding (I’ve got all dual-wielding perks). It usually takes two power attacks to kill a dragon. It seems to me that dragons are too easy to kill, no matter player’s level (using above mentioned technique)

  7. Tom says:

    You could use the Marked for Death shout found in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. It slowly depletes the targets health so you could just use poisoned arrows until it dies. It has been very successful for me, killing the dragon within two minutes.

  8. joe says:

    I kill a dragon the same way every time. It’s so easy its almost unfair. All you need to do is position yourself on the side of the dragon just below his wing. Then ad he turns towards you, just strafe towards his tail and keep circling him, all the while keep on slashing away. Easy as pie.

  9. Nathan says:

    All I do is shoot arrows at the dragon. Then once its health Is low, go to the side and start hacking and slashing at it. Later on in the game, I would use the Dragonrend spell (spoiler alert) everytime I fight a dragon, I’d use Dragonrend to keep the dragon from flying away. Keep shooting it with arrowsnand spam dragonrend until it dies and you absorb the so.

    • Dylan says:

      If you only use the first word, the dragon will stay on the ground long enough for it to recharge again, thus removing the possibility of it flying at all.

  10. mrmocap says:

    just find anyplace that has a roof large enough to keep the dragon from hitting you with his breath attack.

    its pretty easy to kill them from underneath any cover.
    just make sure you can run away if the dragon lands directly in front of wherever you are hiding as he will eat you if you cant move.
    I usually just run for the nearest overhang or roof and kill them at my leisure

  11. Chris says:

    I just stand still with my Sanguin Rose ready and when the dragon lands i bring out my familiar. Since the rose familiar is fire based i often just shoot an aversion to fire on my bow and my familiar seems to drop him fairly quickly. alchemy ftw.

  12. James says:

    Another helpful tip is if you are on horseback leave your horse in the open and take cover, the dragon will land to attack your horse and you can slow time & shoot arrows or firebolts etc all day long without getting hurt, also my horse’s health seems to regenerate quickly enough between the dragons attacks that the dragons dont kill it.

  13. Dustin says:

    I have found that if you bask the dragons head while he is attacking, with firebreath or biting. This can minimize the damage taken while fighting.

  14. Derek says:

    How do you add poison to your arrows? I don’t use alchemy much right now but I do plan to increase it later.

  15. Russ Nutter says:

    just select your bow (or whatever weapon you chose to poison)chose your potion ,and a message will come up asking if you want to add it to your selected weapon

  16. jason says:

    It takes me no more than 15 seconds to killl a dragon. I just walk straight up to it and hit it 2 or 3 times with my sword. Its a little unfair

  17. Stuart says:

    Dragons are easy, just get them to land, take the relevant resistant potion (Fire / Cold) and start hacking away. Its the drougr deathlords i struggle with

  18. Manus says:

    Sorry, but I agree with Andy, dual wielding 2 maces, swords or axes works the best! And super fast! takes like 6 seconds! I’ve got an Ebony axe that’s been refined and does 80 normal, 10shock and 10stamina damage, I use, with that, an Elven axe that does 77normal, and 10 cold damage. 2 or so power attacks and dragon is DOWN! Where do u get the slow time shout from tho?

  19. Jason says:

    I kill the droughr deathlords pretty quick by running up on them quickly and using a combination of bash and slice before they can perform their next attack

  20. Bob says:

    My favorite tactic is to get a warhammer, make it as strong as possible, spam dragonrend and then beat the shit outta it with heavy armor

  21. ichigo says:

    i use dragonrend and marked for death and an ebony bow with absorb 15 health enchantment on it along with absorb 15 stainma. (enchanting level 100 btw)

  22. Mathew says:

    There’s a weapon called dragonbane it works awesome can’t remember how I got it but I’m sure there is someone out there with answers

  23. todd says:

    how do u get to the pilgrams path

  24. Pigeon says:

    One word for y’all. “Wabbajack”.

    • Pigeon says:

      On a side note, I have pretty much every skill lvl100. The trick is maxing your enchantment and smithing as well as your alchemy. Smash some of those pots that’ll temp-boost your smithing and enchanting by a bundle (also do this with alchemy and you’ll get stronger pots) and you’ll end up with Daedric bows that do about 200dmg(or whatevet weap you prefer). After reading a lot online…seems most people don’t use *every* little trick there is. Btw, the wabbajack will just turn a Dragon into a rabbit or something and you can slap it to death np.

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