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Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: The Staff of Magnus

  Mirabelle and Tolfdir hove retreated back, unable to stop the tide of harmful magic which Ancano has released from the Eye of Magnus from sweeping across the College of Winterhold. The Staff of Magnus from the Labyrinthian ruins is needed as quickly as possible.

Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Containment

  This is a very short and straightforward quest. You must contain the damage caused by Ancano’s meddling with the Eye of Magnus by destroying a collection of magical anomalies that have manifested in the town of Winterhold.

Skyrim Quest Walkthrough: Revealing the Unseen

  The Arch Mage will mention that Mirabelle was talking about the Staff of Magnus not too long ago. Go and ask her what she knows about the artefact and its whereabouts.

Get Level 100 Restoration and Alteration Skills in Three Easy Steps

  This is a technique for increasing the levels of your Restoration and Alteration skills simultaneously and in very little Skyrim playing time. You can use this to get those skills as high as you want up to level 100, and it only takes three very easy steps to get what you need in order to

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